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  1. Hi guys, Has anyone encoutered issues with the navigational equaipment from the rear seat? I've flown a few times in multicrew where only parts of the flight director seem to work in the back seat if selected from the front seat. For instance, when the front seat brings in VL mode on a chosen Tacan that works fine and is visible from the rear seat also. However, if altitude hold is selected that doesnt show in the back seat. The same problem exists when using the ILS. Glide slope will not appear for the rear seat. I've also noticed a bug where not all of the digits on the rear seat
  2. That my good sir did the trick! ILS turned on with the wind at 6 knot headwind. Good to know this, thanks for posting
  3. Vibora, thanks for confirming, i appreciate it. DrPhilbes, That could very well be the issue indeed! Thanks for letting me know i will do that and see what the result is! Many Thanks
  4. ill check with another plane, good idea. Yes these are active ILS. Tested with 0 wind or weather that might cause issues.
  5. Hi Chaps, Im having real trouble getting the ILS to pick up in Syria, especially the northern most airports where the frequencies just arent picking up at 3000ft on a 10mile final, on radial where they should. Is this a bug? The VOR with DME is working fine but switching over to any of the ILS frequencies appears to be fruitless. Only in Syria im getting this.. Any advice appreciated!
  6. precisely my thoughts. Ah well, we can work around it.
  7. We all know that ground crew like a prank. Harrier-glue will always be funny to them.
  8. if you need more travel than 82 degrees in a hover your hovering is very out of shape But yes i take your point, if thats the correct mechanical operation of the stop then so beit, i shall work around it.
  9. I wouldnt mind if you could VTOL out of the chocks but sadly they come with harrier-glue
  10. First off, love the new updates to the Av8, top work on the pilot in VR looks incredible! One small thing i do wish was considered however; the Nozzle Stop! I dont have a problem with the 5 degree increments when working on a joystick axis, but i now can't set 82 degrees on the stop! This is the perfect position for hovering and between 75 and 99 degrees is now not adjustable on that axis Does anyone else use this or just me? I use one side of the throttle to act as the Nozzle axis anyway but it was great coming to a hover having that 82 degree stop so i didnt have t
  11. I never knew that! Very good to know.. however no numpad on my keyboard? Any other way around that? EDIT: scratch that, you can do it from the oculus debug tool. For some reason last version it wouldnt let me but latest update it does. Also re ASW, if you're not hitting at or above the refresh rate of the oculus, beit 72,80 or 90 then it will lock 50% of that framerate as its designed to. With it off you will obsiouly see a higher frame rate than the locked 50%. You're still pushing what you were before its just doing its thing to keep it smooth when youre not at or above native re
  12. Hi Guys, Small issue i cant figure out here using thr AWLS system for landing. I cant work out why but the distance to the runway is displayed in the HUD as a huge figure, something like 52030.12. when i see footage from others i either see TCN with the distance in NM to the runway or DME with the same NM number as is reflected from the left MPCD in the top left corner. I can just glance down at that for my distance to runway but ideally i dont want to take my eyes off the HUD in IMC on final.. any ideas? I also noticed when using the course line on the TACAN that it will only work on the
  13. you're doing everything right, the flashing seems a little concerning. Have you tried another USB cable or another USB port on your computer? Also have you done the Bitrate test on the cable? RE the 1.7 i went to have another glance, and yes the max output res is to native quest res at all hz settings, it just says 1.7 at the top of the slider on 90hz instead of 1.5 at 72hz and 1.6 at 80hz though im not sure of what this slider is referring to exactly.. i need to do a little more digging as its doing something different to what the debug tool does of which i was previously used to.
  14. Yes, surprisingly this was something i verified with a few other quest 2 owners quite quiclky. According to Carmack, the 1.5 res of 5048x2736 is not a random number plucked out the air but the actual native pixel density of the Q2. So as much as its referred to as SS its actually not to this point. To go into SS you need to run 90hz and then up to 1.7 will be available and takes you into SS teritory. In either case running at native res with a given hz seems to provide a really nice smooth experience where the lower res doesnt (oddly) for me on a 1080ti and i can easily read everything in the
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