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  1. I believe this and other additions will be released in the next Beta (which should be next week, as far as I know).
  2. Yes I would like to see this too. I have a couple of friends that are not and probably never will be into flying but would enjoy co-op. If ED made this available there could actually be a positive uptake on those that 'dabble' in the game as the gunner and from there become interested in other aspects of the game, maybe not even flying but as a RIO (F14) or a front seat gunner/co-pilot (Huey, Gazelle, Apache, etc), which would require them to purchase the module. From small acorns...
  3. Hi, Just wanted to say thanks for the detailed write up! I've ordered a new system (with a 3090) and will be 'going live' with my G2 when it lands, currently on the Oculus S, (which has served me well). I have only had a quick 'tinker' with the G2 so far, so your settings will be invaluable! Cheers.
  4. That would be cool, I just hope to have the ability to use the wand controllers while in VR, The ability to handle the guns like in the VR title ONWARD (loading ammo belts, making ready, aiming and firing) would be awesome.
  5. Nice update Miles. Good luck with your continued projects!
  6. @Thick8 Yes, thanks very much for the update. I appreciate you working through the problem to find an optimal solution. Juggling this with the day job can't be easy! Keep the faith. :thumbup:
  7. Thanks for the update. Great looking product and a great series of vids! Even I could understand the construction process! :thumbup: But please, could we have some transparency here??? Thats not really you're wifes hammer now is it!!! ;)
  8. Hey Miles, the V2's are looking great! Keep up the good work! Will keep an eye out for you on Discord but been a tad busy lately,as I'm sure youve been too! Take care.
  9. I really like the work you've done. Would be very interested. Looking forward to the 'how to' video, as the kit option may be beyond my skill base. I would have prefered getting a made up one but understand they may have already gone. Really enjoyed the 3 videos as well. It demonstrates exactly what I wanted to see.
  10. Hi, I don't even fly the A10 anymore but this thread caught my eye and I had a look. WOW! Great work. Maybe ED could look at hiring you full time!
  11. Ah, thanks for reminding me about this one (I had read about it previously and then completely forgot...its an age thing). Also good to hear positive feedback about the product (other than the delivery times of course) It's always good to have options! Cheers.
  12. @Tinkickef Just wanted to add my admiration for your collective solution! Excellent work. I'm hoping to buy a collective from Thick8 but if I can't I will certainly look at giving this solution a go! Cheers.
  13. Hi John, many thanks for taking the time to explain that. Much appreciated. I also fully understand your time constraints, what with working full time, the last thing you want is to have a hobby become a chore! I would still be interested in one of the preassembled collectives and failing that one of the kits should they become available at a later date. :thumbup: Thanks again.
  14. Hey John, Could you give a little more detail as to the self build kit and what would be required to put one together? (I.E would it require soldering skills, etc or would it be a more basic construction?) I think at this stage I would probably prefer a prebuilt one. When you say your just doing the one in PETG, do you mean just the one (as in singular) in PETG and the rest are being built in PLA? If so, is there a reason you prefer PLA over PETG? Apologies for all the questions, but I am clueless when it comes to 3d printing, just trying to get my head around the differences and what
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