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  1. interesting idea but ed were denied their purchase request for the tornado about sources from the aircraft manufacturer. It is unlikely that truegrit would be able to succeed with that. I also wouldn't worry about them doing the f-4f its to far out, the eurofighter will likely take at least 1.5-2.5 years for release and then a couple of years finalizing it. Besides why would you want the f-4f? It did not have sparrow capability and the ice variant wouldn't work for cold war with its amraams.
  2. overall pretty unlikely, more likely for early-mid 2022 its not entirely impossible however, depends on how fast they can get the textures done since that is usually the hold up for most modules entering Early access from third party devs
  3. they said german aircraft and with the focus of A2A initially, although we might see features that are not on german aircraft. For example we saw photos of the EuroFIRST PIRATE so who knows what we will get on initial release.
  4. Hopefully we get info about the possible weapons relatively soon, I am curious if they are going to go with a strict only Spanish variant in terms of weapons or be more liberal and go for weapons generally on the mirage f.1 variants either way this module will be a nice sight for cold war servers
  5. A really nice idea for multiplayer servers that have a bunch of aircraft slots, would really save some time
  6. those track files i believe are for voice input, I have no idea if those letters are the same across the board for other eurofighters to coordinate, its possible for ease of doing DVI and it would make sense, however at the same time you can just have flight lead assign them to two, three and four. the link of the german website with the sa page top down also shows that it will have something similar to the sa page for the hornet, so yes it should have the same datalink integration as the hornet. (although you should be able to fire at datalinked targets in the eurofighter that are not pa
  7. i hope this question can be answered but who knows gero you mention the poor f-16 25 year old pilot being exhausted after 3 sets of bfm (not sure what HiAA is though, high angles & aspect?) since the eurofighter uses a entirely different type of g suit were you not exhausted too? or does a liquid g suit have less exhaustion after pulling many g's constantly overall?
  8. nice response gero, quite enjoyed reading it :thumbup: i have a questions for you gero that i would love to have answered :) people have mentioned that the DVI system was a pain in the neck sometimes and it had issues. How often would you use it while flying around? (i know that it isn't exactly a flight performance question but i don't see many people talk about stuff like that other then it just having issues)
  9. my mistake i meant to say 2022 :doh:, i vote we just skip 2020 due to everything bad happening in it and we redo that year over again
  10. no way it would be less then a year but i would not find it hard to believe eurofighter coming out at the end of next year or early 2022 it really comes down to how they want to release the eurofighter, with all of its bells and whistles, bells and whistles for a german eurofighter, and or ed route of releasing it with several features missing and adding them down the road.
  11. we will just have to wait and be patient, eurofighter is a long ways out, if they posted constantly they would be very quickly to run out of stuff to talk about. maybe when its closer to release we could see a more constant stream of pictures and videos might i suggest reading one of the 3 manuals of the typhoon that have been found on the internet? one option is you could cryogenically freeze yourself until the eurofighter comes out. that way you don't have to wait ;)
  12. thats how far they can gimble not their seeker fov a comparison would be the litening targeting pod, can it see everywhere even though it can gimble 360 degrees? the wider you have a seeker fov the more background noise it would have to deal with to clarify for the aim9x can you just fire the missile without looking at the target with an hmd or use any slewing for the missile if the target is 180 degrees somewhere in front of you? No you actually have to look at the target with the hmd or use radar slaving pic related its an asraam seeker fov i was basing the informatio
  13. Stadiums have no collision model stadiums have no collision in Tripoli, assume its the case for all of the stadiums which is a shame, they look like they would be nice to land on in a harrier or helicopter! As a sided bonus, one of the stadiums in Tripoli has trees growing in it
  14. the only reason why they have lock on after launch capability is due to the fact the missile already know where to look at exactly where the target will be at in 2s or less if a target is going fast and its within 2 nautical mile, unless the target is directly heading towards you then the target will have changed by a large degree either left, up, right, or below that heading/altitude you have fired at. the iris-t still has only 90 degrees off boresight and still needs to turn around until it sees a target, if you do not have an exact location to look at a single flare or heat source other
  15. crazy the amount but it uses the bol and that thing is pretty long and filled with the chaff/flares you dont need to per say but you want the seeker head to know where to look, imagine trying to get an a2a kill in a dogfight with basically a boresight missile only, sure the missile can uncage but its still looking directly ahead until it spots something. The Eurofighter has a helmet mounted display system but the missile would still be firing basically blind, seeker head fovs are also very narrow (i assume its probably something close to 5 degrees of view, probably even less) in order to a
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