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  1. UFC -> List -> 6 -> GS displayed on DED
  2. Thanks for input, I've got few questions. Does it work with our F-16 module? Does it work for all modules? How long do you think the motors will last with everyday flying for about 2 hours?
  3. Can confirm -- can't see any servers and module manager loads indefinitely. I believe they are doing something on backend servers like last time.
  4. I think the game is broken. I can launch into the menu but I can't see ANY servers, and module manager loads and loads indefenitely.
  5. UPDATE: It seems that restarting my PC helps with this issue (for now!). So if anyone got the same problem, restart your PC as a remedy and try to connect again it should work. That being said, I got no clue whats the cause of this issue.
  6. Edit: log file is pasted in the post down bellow.
  7. When I try to connect, I click on "Join" and then I get a loading screen for 3-5 seconds and it gets back to server list again. Is there a remedy to this? A new bug? Started happening when I downloaded a new version of the game (open beta).
  8. I've made it to work! Thank you for your help.
  9. Hey bigalsunit, sorry to bother you. Where can I find this static sound so I can replace it with my audio file?
  10. Thats it man, I remember now! I don't need any mission triggers and those other thing-magics.
  11. I appreciate the answers, but - I was using radio chatter on every one of my flights on all multiplayer servers I was flying (most often it was 104th and other full switch servers). It was not a mission audio file (trigger?).
  12. Over a radio channel. I remember using it like that in other planes I believe.
  13. Greetings, I used to use an audio file that was 1 hour long and I would play it in my MiG-21 or F-5. It was a real recording and it was very immersive to use it on patrols in multiplayer environment. How do I get to do the same in F/A-18C? I want to play those recordings in the Hornet but I forgot how to. :noexpression: I will be looking for your responses, Rain
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