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  1. I was wondering about Vegas lighting at night in VR. I should be seeing lights all over the place but it is way too dark. I just thought I might add that to this little thread here if it is related.
  2. I seriously cannot believe that this AI stand-off attack issue with the phoenix missiles has still not been fixed since this thread started last May. If the behavior works with the F-14A can't they simply cut and paste the code for the B? I can't believe this. So essentially I have to fly ONLY in multi-player to use the Phoenix missile system REALISTICLY? How does this not get fixed over 8 months?
  3. No... the minihud is a cheat so I turned it off. Try looking in the manual regarding combat modes. One is called the helmet mounted sight. Turn it on and you will see a circle in the center of your monitor. ANY aircraft within the gimble limits of the IRST can now be locked and fired upon. Combine that ability with being able to move your head in the cockpit with the track IR system and you are a powerful pilot.
  4. HA!!! Yeah cool... my head automatically locks on to targets when they come into view 0 yeah right!! Nope... communications breakdown. N'ah... not what I'm trying to say. At first I thought that he was asking about how I killed the second hornet...I used the helmet mode in the sim during the mission but then forgot that the HUD wasn't seen in the movie during the second kill. I love using the helmet mounted site and Track IR. Awesome!
  5. How do I move the cursor fast? Under the options menu at the start up screen go to the Input settings of the sim. There is a list of input devices to choose from like keyboard, joystick, mouse, etc. If you set your mouse controller to handle target cursor control and then set your ministick on your throttle in your Saitek X52 macro profile to emulate mouse movements you will have essentially taken the mouse-controlled target selector cursor and put it under your left thumb as opposed to the mouse on the table. Saitek's macro profiler then allows you to control the speed of cursor
  6. Oh yeah! I remember the "rainbow dial" mod! You're right, I should grab that one. I've already learned "the value of the flap" in the Toad. :) Stick is holding up just fine. Recently opened it up for it's lubrication using the scissor oil you recommended.
  7. Would some of you experts like to tell me the corner speed for the Su-25T?
  8. Ah! Good question friend! The answer is... I have the mouse emulated on the throttle stick of my X52. I had the exact same problem you had for a while there but the X52 allows you to change the speed in for cursor inputs. If you are talking about when I have the helmet-mounted site online then... I use Trackpoint IR head-tracking. The great thing about it is that with the Flanker and Fulcrum's helmet mounted sights you can actually use your head movement to find a bandit in the sky and lock him up quickly. Just like in real life! Love it!
  9. This Summer I had a blast learning to fly the Su-27 in flaming cliffs. I believe in crawling before I can walk. You all taught me so much. I started flying the "T-Toad" toward the end but all hell broke loose with my TM F-22 joystick. :joystick: I was having a devil of a time flying the Su-25T not knowing that false signals were being sent to my PC. I thought it simply was trying to fly the T-toad! The worst of all was when I would send a series of commands to the sim through the stick that would send key combinations causing the sim to accelerate time or slow it down!!! NO WONDER I WA
  10. Most kind sir. I have a unique style despite a lack of software. I need to take a break from it for a while and just fly. Thanks to all of you for your nice words. I became very discouraged after I posted these on youtube and received single stars. I was going to give up but decided to not care what other people thought and finish what I started. I had an idea and I saw it through. The idea for the name "Zond" from the name of one of the most frightening Soviet rockets during the cold war. It was a simple rocket for sending 2 men to orbit the moon but the mission never happen
  11. I don't have one large combination download... maybe I should look at Virtual dub and I can make one. Head to http://hosted.filefront.com/cobrabase and all 4 files are there.
  12. Here you go... FINISHED! It will be nice to start flying again. BE SURE TO DOWNLOAD AND VIEW THE CREDITS AS WELL! http://hosted.filefront.com/cobrabase/zond_part_2.wmv http://hosted.filefront.com/cobrabase/zond_flight_credits.wmv
  13. Oh God.... MS movie maker is just infuriating but it's all I've got. At this point I could just kill myself. It's not letting me compile my shots now. I could scream (and believe me I have).
  14. I've hinted it before... one man can make a difference. LOL.
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