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  1. Hello, in DCS its always r-Click to flip switches up. In the Mig21 its the same, beside the Radar Switch which requires a l-click to switch it on, so i think the logic is reversed. Minor thing and quick fix i guess, but still wanted to report. Thanks.
  2. Hi, i love the dedicated so far! But i wanted to know if there is an option to automatically update the server? Maybe via a script or cronjob? My Server runs 24/7 so if i dont manually update, the clients cant connect anymore Thanks!
  3. Hello, so i did extensive testing. Insirlic F16 cold and dark instant action. Settings pretty high, SteamVR 80%, MSAA x2, PD 0.8 I get 20-30 FPS on the ground, depending on where i look, and 20-40FPS on 3000agl depending on where i look. Then with just the api, i get 40-45 FPS on the ground and solid 45 on 3000agl. But it looks very bad. I ramped up the settings, SteamVR 100% and MSAA x4 and that the sweetstop for me. It does look better then legacy (beside the clouds, they look slightly worse but doable). Now i get 27-35ish FPS on the ground and 35-45FPS on 3000agl. It also seems less laggy. So i prefer it with the new api will use. Thanks!
  4. Hello, we were flying the SC yesterday but nobody got the LSO calls and at the inbound call we didnt got a altitude for marshal assigned. I think that we did some things wrong? At 50nm inbound to Tacan the flight leads called inbound and we got an answer but no marshalstack altitudes. Then we declared marshalstack over SRS and at 10nm at the altitude we communicated "see you at 10". And then we got the signal is charlie answer so we were commencing and entered the pattern, leads even communicated the kiss off but then at 3/4 nobody had the radio menu for "call the ball" and also no LSO calls. Is there something what we forgot or set wrong? cheers
  5. Hi Folks, so i setted up a dedicated Server yesterday for our Squad. I got everything working, gui, srs, lotatc, tacview.. I used login credentials from a free account i had laying around to provide it to our squad-lead / mission-builder. Everything is working fine. I just want to know, whats the best way to actual upload the mission. I was thinking SFTP, to which the mission-builder can connect and then select the uploaded file in the gui. But i was wondering if there are any better alternatives to this. Im kinda scared to have a ftp exposed to the www (even though id use certs but still). Thanks!
  6. That helped alot and did it for me, thank you Sir!
  7. that did the trick! Thank you very much :))
  8. Hey, i upgraded my PC a month ago but since then i am having an issue with my VR. It seems like the picture is not rendered on the whole screen. There is a tiny black are on the left side of the FOV. I can barely notice it but i still can, thats very annoying. If i move my eyes directly to the left side, i cant see it, but if i have them straight, i can see it in my periphial view. Does anyone know whys that? In WMR Portal its all fine. Thanks.
  9. wow, so good. Best map
  10. Hello, thanks for the answer. Well its starting the voice when you enter the plane, the "hey rookie". It sounds like some kid is speaking to you via a teamspeak. That already killed the immersion for me. For example you can take the M2k campaign. The voices there do sound realistic - or they do sound as you would imagine - not crystal clear. Even SRS has the option for a FM voice effect and it sounds pretty good. Then its the fact that you are beeing jumped by mustangs. I understand that this might be realistic, but clearly not on a ww2 pilots "introduction" flight. And if you stil would get jumped, you would get a warning via funk at least, and then you as a fresh pilot would probably just run. It just did felt a bit off / unrealstic - or in other words: thrown together. It doesnt need to be a historical campaign, im not asking for this, what i am asking for is "immersion". So it would be better if: -The voices would be in german (this beeing english, i can life with, thought) -voices by a realistic voice (older) -voices with a filter to make it sound more FM*ish -have a more realistic flighset, like dont let the new pilot at a introduction/sightseeing-fly be jumped by. Its totally okay to just fly around at the first mission (again, its cool if you are beeing jumped when you are at the frontline in a later mission where you already got some dirt on your hands etc. I again like to pinpoint out the m2k campaign, i thought this one was pretty good in all of that terms) -ramp up the difficulty through the missions That would be my suggestion. Clearly you are biased with your opinion. Im sorry to hurt your feelings by writing a negative review of a product i payed money for. I think its fair to do so. I was disappointed with the immersion-set of the first mission and that wont get better the more you are in the campaign. I cant do missions and thats not the point. The campaign creator asks money for it so its his job, not mine. I payed money for a product the creator did, so its uncompareable.
  11. Hello, is there a way to test a campaign mission? Or demo it or something? I brought the BF109 Campaign and i thought it was really really bad. I was hoping for a nice, immersive campaign with nice voiceovers and a kinda realistic setting, but instead i got voice which are non-german (thats not that bad), voice that sounds nothing like youd expect - why not just add a voiocefilter to make it sound more like WW2 Funk?!, and really unrealistic settings (f.e. the first mission, "hello new pilot, i show you around" and then when you want to land "fuck, mustangs" and you get jumped by mustangs and most likely killed). I got really frustrated with it, couldnt finish mission 1 and never played it again. But the HORRIDO and F14 campaign looks good, so i kinda want to buy it but yet again, i made such bad experiance with the bf109 campaign, that i might hold back.. Hence my question. Thanks!
  12. MarkP


    Hey, also das Pad kam an, leider war der Verbindungsstecker defekt Aber ich konnte das Pad zu einem Partner in DE schicken und 4 Tage später hatte ich es repariert wieder. Fazit: Geil! Natürlich simuliert es keine G-Kräfte, aber man bekommt ein gutes feeling wie "stark" man Gs zieht. Gerade in der F14 ist das super. Aber was mega ist, ist das taxiing, man spürt die Betonplatten. Auch wenn man die Gun schießst fühlt sich das einfach mega an. Ich würde nicht mehr ohne fliegen wollen, als VR Pilot ist das echt nice. Kann es empfehlen
  13. wow, this is nice. Will try. I think such a plane is very cool and way more fitting to DCS then all the trainers we have (imo)
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