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  1. The first screenshot is by After 2.5.4, it cannot be flyable.
  2. Gray livery has been added. It seems impossible to operate more than 4 aircraft on the flight deck. It can spawn, but has problems taking off.
  3. The carrier mod does not include the A6M5. You will need to download it separately if you need it. My MOD list is here. http://virtualcockpits.web.fc2.com/mod/mod.html I'll consider it.
  4. The LUA code for the Weapon System was based on Markindel's CV6, thank you again to Markindel. Link http://virtualcockpits.web.fc2.com/mod/dcsw_zuikaku/dcsw_zuikaku.html
  5. Resolved. I don't know what caused it, but there seemed to be a problem with the UV mapping. Exported to another software. UV mapping in that software. Import to MAX. That worked fine.
  6. The billboard appear much smaller than the size I set. What should I do?
  7. Screen_200430_172942.bmp Screen_200430_173227.bmp
  8. DOL


    This MOD requires P-51D DLL. However, it became impossible after 2.5.3 for user MOD to use P-51D DLL.
  9. DOL


    The version including a cockpit was released. http://virtualcockpits.web.fc2.com/m..._reisen52.html After DCS World version 2.5.3、This mod can not flyable.
  10. DOL


    After DCS World version 2.5.3、This mod can not work.
  11. DOL


    An aircraft carrier is incomplete, and it will resume creation, after A6M5 is completed. There is no white livery in A6M5.
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