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  1. There's already a baseline standard that seems to be developing: OpenVR. It's supported by all three headsets that you can actually buy right now- Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and OSVR dev kits. I think it's reasonable to assume that any smaller HMD would support OpenVR by default. The Oculus API tries to add some creative features on top of what OpenVR supports, but I've tested games in both modes on my DK2 and if a developer doesn't support the Oculus API it's not that much of a loss. I see the market currently as very similar to the early days of 3d accelerators. Every vendor has their own
  2. I would really like to hear more about your experience with the X-65!
  3. Well, I guess that depends on what we mean by "kind". Shoot, I remember playing with my neighbors Virtualboy when I was a kid. By "kind" I meant a consumer-marketable product. That requires a whole different development process than industrial products... consumers sure are a finicky group! I wonder how many times marketing kicked back a Rift CV1 design and said "nope, people will look too stupid while wearing it, change it" :doh: That is really interesting to hear about other dual-screen products though. I've heard about some other dual-screen prototypes being shown off, but I don't re
  4. Yeah, I would like to replace it with an actual mouse nipple like IBM / Lenovo laptops..... someday... That's interesting. How did you set it up so that it's usable? Its definitely not a majority of users who experience it. I am not sure exactly what causes it, but have found a lot of complaints online by others about it. Just last night my throttle was randomly sending comma's (I have one of the buttons set to that) and I was really freaking out before I realized the source of them. Yep, with all of it's faults, I still recommend it. For what it is, it's great. I just am sur
  5. Don't discount that part of the long development time on the Rift was that it was the first of it's kind, and a lot of things had to be figured out rather than copied / improved upon. A big part of that was also on the software side- developers had to learn how to develop for VR and get products into the pipeline so that a consumer version would have quality content at release. Now that we've broken ground, new entries into VR don't necessarily need anywhere close to the same development time.
  6. That's really interesting, although I wonder what sort of release date they are expecting. I imagine they will shoot for the holiday season, but that's just speculation, and who knows if they will be on target if that even is their target. I'm sure the extra fov will make a big difference, but even the rift DK2 is convincing enough for me to prefer it over 3x monitors in most cases. As for resolution... so what if it's like watching a DVD on a 4k screen? DVD's aren't nearly as sharp as blu-ray, but I don't feel that I get significantly less out of watching a movie on a DVD. Certainly the
  7. Given the poor disappointing reality of owning the X-55, when I see all of the features and buttons they claim to have, I just wonder which ones they ACTUALLY have and which are either wishful thinking or "we will enable that in the software... someday". I simply don't believe any claimed specs. And for those of you who don't own an X-55 and are wondering what they are: -The "mouse joystick" on the throttle can't be used as an analog axis without a registry hack that some kind person posted on reddit. It's HORRIBLY insensitive and works more like a digital control than analog. I expected
  8. Hey I have a question for you: I see that you support mouse movement. My understanding of vJoy was that it only supported emulation joystick / gamepad devices. How have you gotten mouse support through it?
  9. Yep, actually I did a lot of reading and digging through their code to see how they do things. It's been really valuable for understanding how I can get what I need to do working. Still hoping not to have to go that route though. That's what I'm hoping I can discover here. If there's were a way in lua to effectively do the same thing as you would do with the mouse- sending click events in screen space, that would probably be ideal. Still, I'd have to be able to load a dll or something because I cannot access my input data with just lua. Completely not necessary, actually. I hav
  10. That's a really interesting option. But, I would be a little concerned about latency. Also, I want to distribute this software, and I don't want every user to have to purchase hardware in order to make it work. I can write the virtual device driver myself, I just then run into the issue of getting it digitally signed so that I can distribute it to others. I may go ahead and do that and then make a kickstarter or something to raise part of the funds if there is enough enough interest.
  11. Hey guys, I'm not sure if this is possible within DCS, but I have an input device for which I can access the data via C++. It does not present itself as an HID / joystick-like device. I am trying to figure out how I can interface with DCS, so that my input device can emulate the function of a mouse clicking on interactable elements in cockpits. Ideally, I could get DCS to simply read it as though it were an actual mouse sending clicks. I've already looked into emulating a mouse at the system level, which can be done but requires writing a Windows driver for a virtual device. Distributing th
  12. karn1948

    Desert 3.0

    Altering the seasons has no effect, regardless of the season selected. I have also tried Starway's Ground Texture Mod 3.2 and it has no change. I did notice that the folder structure of the mods is a little different than that of the Mods folder though. In the mods folder, I find the terrain texture files inside "DCSWorld\Mods\terrains\CaucasusBase\vfstextures" whereas the folders for these texture packs appear as "Bazar\Terrain\vfstextures". I wonder if this is part of the problem?
  13. karn1948

    Desert 3.0

    I am having the same problem... cannot get any terrain textures to work. Same folder structure, and using JSGME.
  14. *zzzzzOOOOOOOOOOOoooooommm* ... SHOOT SHOOT SHOOT ... **BOOM** :)
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