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  1. I have tried looking for an issue here but couldn't, so here goes.. I'm loaded with 2 racks of 3xAGM-65D's, I set the Maverick to PRE, MAN handoff in the TGP, I slew to the moving target, Point Track it with TMS UP short, its locked. Now, when I try to hand off the target to the Maverick seeker, all I get a position where I initially did a Point Track on the target, trying to re-hand off the target does not seem to work. The target keeps moving but the tracking of the seeker is where it first locked. the TGP continues to track just fine. Am I missing something? Is there any way to slave the Maverick seeker to the TGP? Thanks for your time
  2. Next update (#2) I'm not sure why the other thread got locked but didn't you guys post last week on a Friday that the Viper update is due for this Wednesday (today) And now it's changed to "This week"?
  3. Rift S here, no issues. The only thing I did was switch from my non-rotating chair to a rotating chair (the seat is on top of a rotatng axle) That way, i don't have to turn my neck, i turn my entire body, VR doesn't care :D
  4. Perfect! Thanks. Going to try these out shortly and report back :)
  5. Hey Dburne, Can you share your DCS settings for VR? I'm on the high end (I9 9900K, 1080ti, 32gb), looking for the sweet spot. Thanks!
  6. My Rift S has arrived today, been flying DCS in VR for 2 years plus now in the HTC Vive. I just finished setting up the Rift, loaded up DCS I'll be dead honest, the reason I got the Rift S in the first place was the fact everyone was raving how crisp sharp cockpits are and the fact they can actually see the ball from half a mile doing a Case 1 recovery. First thing I did was Case 1 instant action. Loading up...and BAM HOLY SMOKES SPANK ME SILLY...Wow. The cockpit is CRISP. You can see EVERYTHING, you can READ everything without squinting or bobbing your face in the screen. Hell, you could even read the text on the center colored MFD on the Hornet without a problem. Needless to say, A mile (or even farther) I could see the ball clearly....half a mile its glowing like a christmas tree fully visible, during the final run in the groove you can ACTUALLY FLY THE DAMN THING... Im sold. And it was only $400. EDIT: I must add, using the Vive, I could fly for hours without feeling a hitch. First run in the Oculus Rift S, took about 10 mins before getting a bit motion sickness...It happened to me before in the Vive when I first started, so I figured I was already "trained", well, I guess another adjusting period is underway :)
  7. Hello, I've been trying to practice ILS landings on high elevated airfields. I took Vaziani and Tbilisi-Lochini as my playgrounds. There seems to be a few issues: 1st - Tbilisi-Lochini ILS for 31L (108.90Mhz) does not intercept any GS or LOC, from any distance. 2nd - Vaziani, ILS for 31L (108.75Mhz) DOES intercept GS and LOC, but it seems like the LOC is reversed? When the needle is on the left, you have to turn RIGHT and when the needle is on the right you have to turn LEFT, this is really confusing.. Is there something I'm missing or this is just WIP? Thanks, and keep up the amazing work! Absolutely loving the Viper!
  8. Ooh, great, thanks for the nice bit of info.
  9. Is the airspeed scale on the HUD capable of displaying TAS and GS along with CAS? I couldn't for the life of me find a way to change the scale readings. For those who don't know, the F-16 Airspeed tape on the HUD has 3 modes, we currently have only calibrated air speed displayed.
  10. I do not require IPD adjustments. I prefer plug and play but don't mind setting up anything. My system is on the high end, I9 9900K 1080Ti, running DCS on NVMe The most important thing for me is picture clarity. I hear that due to LCD display in the Rift S, the image is much crisper than in the non LCD sets (Reverb, Vive) I cannot physically test these sets so I'll count on any advice given by real users :)
  11. Hello guys, Currently, I own an HTC Vive. While the immersion is fantastic, I feel like I'm missing out on alot of detail since its the first version of the Vive with (currently, relatively) low resolution. So, I've decided to upgrade, my options are: Vive Pro Rift S HP Reverb To be honest, from my information gathered on these forums, the Rift S provides the best image quality for DCS. Are there any pros and cons for each that I should consider? The VR headset is primarily for DCS. I don't mind its pros and cons for any other game. Thanks for all the advice! CD
  12. My intention was more in the lines of: Does the pilot have any means to check the status of alignment or does he have to set a timer on his watch and wait for it to count down. Im less interested in what’s currently implemented, but what to expect in the final product
  13. First of all the Viper is just plain awesome! I’m loving it so far! Is there any way to check the current status of the INS alignment process? Guessworking 4 minutes just doesn’t feel right...
  14. I don't remember suffering like this when waiting for the A-10C to come out and that was a HUGE day that i'll never forget. BRING IT OUT ALREADY@$#@%#@%$$@#%@
  15. As a long time DCS player, at some point in time, the modules list just grew bigger than what a normal person could follow. This is a great initiative and a great execution. Let the nay sayers be at it for what it's worth. I hope you keep on updating it, I'm sure it'll get better and better. Hopefully, one day it will become the GO TO guide for new players looking for a new module to fly. Great job!
  16. Is there any way to circumvent this and force the game to render Civ Traffic?
  17. Civ Traffic is not handled like placed ground units. I have no problems seeing my targets from any altitude within a reasonable distance (20-30-40 nm), However this is not the case with Civ Traffic. Actually, my tests show that at 20,000ft, I can see placed ground units, but the civ traffic right next to it is invisible (I make sure there is Civ Traffic there by watching external cam of the target and visually confirming a car or a bus or a truck right next to it) Also, once rendered, you can track Civ Traffic just like any other target....
  18. Hey everyone, Since the TGP release for the Hornet, i've been messing around with it, trying a few different things and ways to effectively use it. One thing I noticed is that the TGP (or game for that matter) wont render any Civ Traffic while above 3000ft and if not flying directly or really close to on top of the targetted point. My question is, is there any way to force the game to render Civ Traffic at greater distance? Is this normal? I just want to use the TGP from high alt to lock on a few cars/buses and try PTRK mode, but it forces me to fly at 2k ft, which is pointless. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  19. That analogy is, sadly, incorrect. In a complete dark room, you will see someone else holding a flashlight even if its not pointed at you. Radars don't work like that. If the remote radar does not "scan" you, you won't be able to see it. So essentially if you are on an aircraft's flank and out of its average 140 degree scan azimuth, you won't know it's there, while if it was a dark room with flashlights, you'd see them a mile out.
  20. Hey guys, Since last patch, every time I start the hornet (Cold star, I do these once a day at least to keep the procedure fresh), the AMPCD turns on with the HSI in green/black colors only, the colored map is gone. Am I missing something? How do I turn it back on? Thanks!
  21. Empty loadout, full fuel. Didn’t exceed 500kts in all my attempts
  22. Hey folks. Been a while since I messed with the Hornet, took one for a spin the other day, flew some aerobatics, decided to check the air frame stress, but for the life of me could not get the bird to pull more than 8.1G I did use the paddle switch for the G override, (hence the 8.1) but IIRC, back in the day of release, I swear I could of turned that Hornet around in 9G. What am I doing wrong? Any advice would be greatly appreciated :)
  23. After running several online sessions vs a human player doing purely F14 vs F14's, here are my 2 cents regarding BFM in WVR with the Tomcat (Guns only observation, only WVR, no BVR) a) Spend more time in it, the Tomcat is a module that needs YOU, the pilot, to develop a "feel" for it, the Tomcat has very unique behavior coupled with immense power, only stick time can teach you that "feel" b) The 15 AOA full burner theory works WONDERS against AI's in DCS, but is completely useless versus any half brained human opponent. Against a decent human pilot, its all about walking the thin line of stall and who can keep it slower yet maneuverable enough to keep it floating. c) The F-14 has TONNES of power, literally. but there is a slight delay between your throttle input up until the engines "execute" your command. This requires alot of practice because you have to "think ahead" when to reduce or increase your throttles...In a turn n burn this might take place several times a minute. d) Snap shotting is not nice to have, its a MUST skill to have to be a successful F-14 pilot. Most of my successful shots involved quiet a lengthy "line up" and then forced to pull the stick out of the planes comfort zone (20 AoA + for a short time) to pull a successful shot. Takes alot of practice. e) The Tomcat devours angles when turning in its optimal corner speed (around 370kts), but requires a very delicate and disciplined hands to maintain its agility. Hope this helps :)
  24. Who needs numbers, full burner, AoA at 15 sharp, combat flaps = win.
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