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  1. Please cut the marketing talk. Seriously, inclusive pricing structure? Sounds scary, especially that people are already reacting positively to that. The things you named are the assets ED has to provide free of charge, so that the whole DCS business model works in the long run. An environment or a structure with single big modules (with great value) to play around with. Otherwise, at some point there will be a total inflation of DLCs. Plus all the other problems that come with asset packs, like multiplayer problems, server problems (what if one player sees the building/unit and the o
  2. What do you mean? I tried it in Il-2 1946 (openGL) and it works (with multiplying the key i can even set the sensitivity). I also tried it in falcon bms and it did not work at all just like in DCS.
  3. It does, i also tried multiplying it so that it gives for example 20 times +. It just does not work in DCS
  4. i tried now alot of stuff. But why are there only a few preset controls to which you can map mousebuttons. Or am i doing something wrong. Can you change that? For example by changing something in the lua files, because somewhere it must be defined, if a control is not greyed out for mouse control or not.
  5. regular mouse (because lefthander), in il-2 i use the right mouse button for a preset zoom and to get out of zoom again. to Jaypee: i thought you can use knobs by holding left button and dragging
  6. Now i have: SendMode Input #SingleInstance Ignore WheelDown:: SendInput {NumpadSub} return WheelUp:: SendInput {NumpadAdd} return ...it doesnt work
  7. Thanks for the fast answers! So... i dont know why but Autohotkey does not work in my DCS. I made a script, which actually works (in the editor, in il-2 and warthunder) but in DCS it just doesn't do anyting. I also tried the usual stuff (running as administrator, etc.). So there is no way to map the controls from inside the sim? Or with some lua scripting?
  8. Hello, i have an apparently uncommon "HOTAS" setup (for e.g. il-2 46), i use my joystick on the right hand and the mouse on the left managing view controls and the mousewheel as throttle. It is in my opinion the best option there is, if you are like me not a fan of headtracking. Now the problem is that in DCS i cant map MOUSE_Z as throttle. It only works as view zoom axis. So is there any way to get this to work? And pls no "get trackir and a real throttle":)
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