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  1. No reason to expect anything less, the Mi-8MTV2 already has this shaking-effect (it had it since release)
  2. Chizh approximated it, but never stated that it was fantasy. As I already said, a translator does not give you the prerogative. Ignore who you want, truth can be hurtful sometimes, sadly...
  3. Maybe this helps, have a look: Please help - EDTracker Pro twitching all over the place | Frontier Forums Eventually, make sure that there are no activated profiles in open track that could interfere with your scheme. It really looks like a input-interference. Check specifically post #9. Hope you figure it out mate
  4. This request has been made before, and it's really a hope for the devs/mods to take it further to the team and see if it's anywhere in the near-term plans. BS2 is obviously running the old limited keybinding scheme. Most of the bindings only have a single function that works as a toggle, instead of having alternates for us with better hardware where it would be preferred to have on- and off-specific functions. An example here could be the operation of the landing gear, only a single togglable button. Another one could be the selection of cannon, where us who have the Virpil CM2 sti
  5. You and Fri13 apparently must live under the same roof. For someone who doesn't speak nor write Russian/Cyryllic (you write English on Russian forums, but guess what, your translator won't translate everything correct), you really ought to start quality checking the crap you sprawl. No-where has ED stated that BS3 is a fantasy, rather an educated guess. And even so, there has been much negativity as Black Shark right now is the heritage of this sim and no one wants it spoiled, just updated. It is tested and quality checked by KAMOV JSC. BS3 would never be. And although there were 12 airframes
  6. This is not a matter of the actual aircraft, be it IRL or in the sim. It's about how the Shkval is simulated. It's using an artificial system that is supposed to mimic the actual contrast-based lock acquisition. Although it works most of the time, there are some obvious issues with it, for example that that it's tied to a specific time of the day. 2100hrs is brighter in summer than in winter. In order to not make it unrealistic, the contrast-lock is then set for during winter time, cause if it was otherwise, you'd be able to lock on targets in total darkness, which would be wrong. Sadly though
  7. The case as mentioned is with regards to IRL, but expecting a crew error in the heat of the moment. Well, fuel cock and shutoff valves respectively. But ok, so that´s pretty much the only reason for the procedure to exist. Nice!
  8. I at least have never needed to use the second discharge, the first one always worked with immediate effect. However, it makes me wonder. Would there really be any negative effects if the pilots got a fire warning (during combat) and happen to use the distinguisher without cutting off the fuel (red levers) and shutting down the fuel pump (switch)? I´m thinking a pilot error here or a stressful situation. The only one I can think of is the discharge not being able to put out fire, but would there be anything else?
  9. The new battlefield between the superpowers is really economy and market dominance. Wars and conflicts have become unethical, unconstitutional and generally uncalled for in today´s society that screams "hugs, not bullets". Also, it costs money, which is the primary reason in this money-driven world. Although history repeats itself and thus we will have a major armed conflict at some point, right now we are in a phase where even superpowers avoid conflicts as it works against their PR and agenda (remember why US lost in Vietnam? it was due to lack of support from civilians back in US). Official
  10. It has a radar screen, which shows much good info not related to radar as well. It´s not a MFD, and you´re not going to see a RED aircraft with one for some time I am afraid. Secrecy
  11. The question is if one will be capable of dynamic flight-plan creation in session, or change it, so that the map inside the cockpit updates. Would be really neat. I suppose creating such a system should not be too problematic, given that such systems are already in-place in other modules.
  12. You are correct. Page 250 in DCS manual just for reference. @Rudel_chw Aside from what sLYFa stated, I cannot spot any inconsistencies. Nice! )
  13. What people don´t understand is the grand scheme of tactics in general. They run alone to AO with their precious aircraft and wonder why they got shot down. "If I died, it must mean that the enemy has a better radar, weapon, aircraft, etc.... I mean, it for sure cannot be that my tactics suck or my battle plan, control of my aircraft, knowledge of what my aircraft excels at and it´s limitations, etc...". IRL, who sees first, usually wins. But you have to add all the other to the formula. Since Ka50 doesn´t have RWR, it does mean that fighting in a SAM/radar-contested area is not it´s primary t
  14. I´ve been AFK some time due to reasons. Anyways: In the sim, the actual forces acting on the pilot aren´t modelled. For example, the collective can be pulled just as fast with the collective brake engaged, as without it. This is nonsense as IRL, the pilot, without holding the the collective brake in (which he normally would never do), would have to fight an immense force holding the collective in place, but could still move it by sheer force of muscle. IRL, there are differences greater than in the sim. Also, the reaction time is faster when you don´t have heading-hold or altitude-
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