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  1. I sent a mail 1 month ago so I sent a pm but havent heard anything yet so I wondered if it's been missed
  2. I tried to figure out if the bare metal AJS 37 Viggen is historically accurate? Atleast a couple of AJ Viggens at F 7 were in service with this paint in 1973-1974. Then it's my understanding they were all repainted in FOA-camouflage in just a few years, long before AJS-upgrade in the 90s. My understanding is SE-DXN/37098 wasn't silver when it was in service as AJS and was repainted recently when it was restored? So no silver AJS Viggen in service I believe? I must only fly historically accurate liveries and loadouts :D
  3. I experience the same with the RB15F. Always works the first time I use them, even if I used another weapon before. But after rearming them again for another go they're completely dead and cant be launched in any mode
  4. Watched the whole stream. Viggens a2a performance was not bad! shame about the rb 04 though XD Maybe the ships were too close together?
  5. Luckily the closest we ever came to finding out was the "whiskey on the rocks" incident. I believe it was the Viggen being scrambled then? Could have been lansen instead.
  6. Very gloomy documentary. On a soviet invasion scenario "The pilots have practiced hard for just this scenario. They're aware what will meet them and they know there wont be a happy ending" Ppffshh yeah! For the fleet captain recieving the business end of the RBS15 to the face :D Remember the PSA in the yellow pages always used to say "any news about our surrender is a lie"
  7. I saw this in the original thread aswell and loved reading about it. Great work! Thank you for taking your time putting it together. :)
  8. Oh very cool! That sounds like so much fun that is your actual job.. :D Yeah that makes sense. I think it's cool that they endorse it ^^
  9. Oh no I was in Linköping 2 days ago I could have measured! But I bet people from the LNS team have been and studied an AJS37 at some museum atleast. Cobra have you had any help from any museum? Or what does SAAB think about you making their airplane? :D As I believe Dassault didnt want Razbam to call the Mirage the Mirage... Maybe thats too political to ask:)
  10. It looks polished enough to me... Let's release it already! :D Honestly though the level of detail on those exterior screenshots around the wings and intakes look amazing! Makes wonders for the immersion the subtle dents and rivets and scraped paint etc EDIT: ALso this beautiful level of detail means its heavier on the hardware than the mig21? I need an upgrade
  11. Less than 23hrs now yes? :D I predict the stream will "reveal" the viggen, give us a release date in like 2 weeks and then the following 2 weeks we get video tutorials dropping every other day leading up to release. Hopefully. I highly doubt release or early access of any kind tmrw
  12. Did they ever paint jaktviggen in green camouflage anyway?
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