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  1. In my experience it wont work. Only the first listed export script will work....unfortunately.
  2. Same here. Noticed it yesterday but just got around to researching them when I saw this thread. I have an HP Reverb.
  3. Are you running DCS full screen? If so, it is possible the kneeboard is generated but "behind" the DCS screen. I suggest loading Ikarus without DCS running and test to see if the kneeboard shows up on your main display. If so, try running DCS without the Full Screen option. Might work, might not...but worth a try. :dunno:
  4. Respectfully, I have a 144hz monitor and used it with a TrackIR 4 for 2+ years now. I've never had any issues with either in any of the air combat sims I fly (DCS, IL2 Great Battles, IL2 Cliffs of Dover Blitz, Rise of Flight), and my framerates in both are always well over 100fps or even higher.
  5. Its been a while, but I used to use one of their button modules and the Landing Gear / Trim module. The GF Keys tool works fairly well and will send key presses to any full screen app (never tried it with windowed apps but I assume it would work as well).
  6. I have run four with no issues. That said, be aware that TARGET only supports two MFDs last I checked. Didn't matter to me as I don't really use TARGET. :thumbup:
  7. Pre order buy. The F8 is my favorite 'nam era plane.
  8. Debolestis smallest shift register board WILL fit in the KG12 (with some modification by a razor knife / Drimmel to cut away some of the internal bracing).
  9. You can run Ikarus on another monitor attached to another computer. The software has that capability and works just fine. See my setup here for an example: Unfortunately, there is currently no way to export view exports like the MFCD, RWR to another PC.
  10. I have the Samsung monitor as well. Really love it and have had zero problems running DCS or any game / sim for that matter. BMS, ARMA, IL-2 Battle of Stalingrad...all seem to run just fine on it.
  11. Not interested in paying for something I have already. Thanks.
  12. Heheh....so did I! And I was so ready to give him an R-73 enema too! I was confused when he didn't pop out in front of me, but as I hit eject I realized what must have happened. So funny...I still grin when I think about it. The pilot was a good sport about it on chat too....think he laughed as hard about it as I did. :thumbup:
  13. Quick highlight of some fun PvP action from my Twitch / YouTube live stream. Situation Overview: Running home after a successful sortie with a Mirage hot on my heels. I'm waaaay low on gas. Not good! It ends in an amusing fashion. :megalol:
  14. Ikraus J-11A Fix The current version of Ikarus does not currently work with the new J-11A Flaming Cliffs aircraft without a few modifications. Here's what I did to get it to work. 1. Go to your (username)\Saved Games\ (DCS and/or DCS.openbeta)\Scripts\DCS-ExportScript\ExportsModules folder. 2. Create a new file called J-11A.lua by copying the existing Su-27.lua file. Note that if you have both DCS 2.5 and DCS Openbeta you need to have the J-11A.lua file in the \Scripts\DCS-ExportScript\ExportsModules for both versions. 3. Now, go to the folder location where you have installed
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