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  1. 2 fictional MiG-29c and 4 fictional MiG-21bis have been added to the catalogue. Enjoy!
  2. Is this server coming back? I can't find it in the server list anymore!
  3. 4 fictional Hellenic FW190D-9 have been added to the catalogue. Enjoy!
  4. Paintkit link is Dead @Raz_Specter
  5. Catalogue updates 4 Hellenic Fictional Mi-24P 4 Hellenic Historic UH-1H 3 Pegasus sqdn F-15 Enjoy
  6. Deleting the edModelViewerTrunk folder in saved games, each time before you open the Model Viewer, also works
  7. This method works. Added in the opening post
  8. In model viewer As seen in the following image, loading the exact same livery file on the F-15.lods model has an entirely different result from loading it on the F-15.edm model. For the untrained eye, allow me to point out that on the .edm model, spec textures are working giving the intended bare metal finish on the aircraft. In game As seen in the following image, the model in use is the .lods one I was wondering why is this the case and how could this be brought to a developer's attention.
  9. Since they are my creations and are publicly available, I have also added my squadrons liveries to the catalogue! Enjoy.
  10. Santus


    @ST0RM There you go sir!
  11. {"mi_24p_evu", 0, "mi-24p_evu", false}; {"mi_24p_evu", 13, "mi-24p_evu_RoughMet", false};
  12. Three mustangs added to the catalogue. Enjoy!
  13. Santus

    Hellenic Vipers

    So proud for this...
  14. Nope, nothing changed! Works fine for me.
  15. Santus

    Hellenic Vipers

    Hey @dfpoor Try this one: https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3309113/ One of them is dirt / scratch free
  16. 11 new Thunderbolts have been added to the catalogue. Enjoy!
  17. ok, I updated the opening post with all the new info.
  18. Once we have a certain solution to this, let me know and I will edit it in the opening post Personally I just add the following line mount_vfs_liveries_path("C:/Users/[YOUR USERNAME]/Saved Games/DCS.openbeta/Liveries") Inside D:\Games\Eagle Dynamics\DCS World OpenBeta\Config\ModelViewer\autoexec.lua But I am guessing yours also covers unofficial mod skins, right?
  19. It is possible to set up an AI ground unit (e.g Armor) attack a train of the opposing coalition as it passes by?
  20. Congratulations to all the winners but one...
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