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  1. ok, thank you, then I guess they will look into it
  2. Am I the only one who cannot find a way to edit old posts?
  3. Video by [DCS-HAF] D3m1aN covering the November 15th event against SVT and dSAF @dSAF @Col.Boob [YOUTUBE]sq2j8aBkwqA[/YOUTUBE]
  4. Time for a rematch and not just with anybody, but with... oh wait! DCS-HAF vs ANYBODYS This Sunday night, 18 vs 18
  5. Thank you all for your kind words. It was a delight playing against all of you and an immense help to our growth and training. It is truly rewarding to find out that our efforts are mutually beneficial for our "opponents" as well. It was a pleasant surprise seeing as we progressed through each and every event, that there are many squadrons out there, like us, who love the sim enough to participate in it with respect, and not treat it like an arcade shoot out. I can't recall even one squadron who participated, without focusing primarily on self preservation over killing the opponent, just a
  6. Dear community members We at [DCS-HAF], would like to start this thread, to chronicle events we organize or participate in, within the simulator. We are a fairly new Greek squadron, looking to establish our footing in the DCS universe, while making new friends and connections with like-minded squadrons who enjoy PvP. We would like to see this thread become a place, where participants can come together and discuss the experiences gained from our events, have a laugh with screenshots, videos and whatnot, but also even attract more squadrons to engage with us, all in a civil and friendly ma
  7. Well done @thepod , very nicely done!
  8. Thank you for your hard work @Roughmaster Top level as usual
  9. Outstanding once again. Weathering is something I haven't delved into so far apart from minor things here and there. Would you be interested in sharing your process? Something like a tutorial. Which brushes do you use, what layer options (blending mode etc). That is if you feel like it of course! :)
  10. @jaguara5 Always prefer the 2nd option. Your downloaded files are safer there during updates and/or rage reinstallations! ;)
  11. Amazing weathering Texac, well done!
  12. Santus

    A-10C Template

    Is this template applicable to the DCS: A-10C II Tank Killer or are we to expect an updated one?
  13. Santus

    Hellenic Vipers

    Thank you guys! It means even more when it comes from other talented livery developers
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