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  1. So plan it? What’s the point of a wishlist section if nothing but what is already planned will make it in?
  2. EasyEB

    TGP FLIR broken

    This problem was introduced after the new clouds.
  3. Let me know if you want to use my nose art.
  4. EasyEB

    TGP FLIR broken

    It is obviously lighting related. In this track there are two groups of three vehicles, one group is placed in the shadow, the other is not in the shadow. Observe the visibility and effect of FLIR when I switch between the two groups in the TGP. There are also two groups of one vehicle each driving past the stationary groups. Observe the vehicle dust. The dust from the vehicle driving in the shadow appears to be glowing, just as it is when observing it with your "eyes" since neither shadow nor terrain shadows affect vehicle dust. A10C_TGP_problem.trk
  5. EasyEB

    TGP FLIR broken

    I’ve got the same issue. I would love to see this fixed before the summer break.
  6. It seems to be related to cloud shadows. When a unit is in a cloud/terrain shadow it is much harder to spot it, but if it is not in a shadow it looks like it used to do before this patch.
  7. Yeah I'm seeing this too. FLIR is next to useless now. Again.
  8. -- --Constrained tasking areas to Syria only to avoid border wall issues. --Added ability to regroup ground units before task start. --Added ability for friendly air assets to engage multiple targets with JDAM in one pass. --Added newly released ground units into the mix. --Added target altitude to position reports.
  9. That’s a good idea. It’ll be in the next update.
  10. Target altitude you mean?
  11. There's a problem when AI fires APKWS. The rocket slowly falls out of the tube and drops to the ground. Track attached. AI_APKWS_Problem.trk
  12. Yeah, tried it. Didn’t help one single bit.
  13. 2D here. I have never in my life gotten motion sick, not in cars, planes, boats, trains or helicopters. So I don’t know how it feels. But these clouds get me damn close. They’re good for screenshots but that’s about it.
  14. Flying in formation with the tanker after filling up is like sharing a cigarette after making love.
  15. I can remove for example houses with this script but the border fences for some reason are not removed.
  16. Yes, it can remove them. It’s just not feasable to make trigger zones covering just the border walls.
  17. Would this be possible via scripting? Anyone tried it? I'm facing massive problems with the border walls with units not being able to pass them. I know that's the point of a border wall, but...
  18. Nice work detective! I’ll look into removing those folders for upcoming releases. I think its been requested for other reasons intge past but I’ve forgotten about it.
  19. Unless the problem can be produced in the A-10 with its available weapons I don’t think I can’t help you with this one. Do you get an error message in the log?
  20. The model in the picture exists in the game files, it is just not enabled in the game.
  21. Reapers, A-10s and US ground units can buddy lase for ya!
  22. Thanks cuz. You still flying it with the F-16?
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