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  1. Hey EasyEB - I've been flying your XCAS-Syria mission for a couple weeks now and my friends and I really love it. Thank you for creating such a fun and helpful mission.

    Are there any instructions you could point me to that would enable the dismounts to include manpads? I tried modifying your mission script (setting a manpad flag to true), and looked through your dismounts script but nothing seemed to work.

    Thanks again for such a great mission.

    1. EasyEB




      I’m glad you like it.


      There’s no real easy or good way for you to implement Manpads. You could replace the RPG soldier with a Manpads unit, but you would end up with a way too high number of Manpads.


      I’ll look into adding Manpads threat with some parameters.

    2. peachpossum


      Hi EasyEB,


      Thanks for your reply. I've since found your thread on this mission in the ED forums. Happy to continue the discussion there if you prefer. If there is anything I can do to help, please let me know. I find you mission fascinating on many levels, it is constructed in a way that I'm not real familiar and I've enjoyed trying to figure out how everything works. 

      One example was figuring out how to set the CDU to a different format than I had been used to - I saw someone else in the thread had a similar finding. I dug through your miz folder and found the folder with the cdu configuration Lua and was able to set it up the way my friends and I are familiar. 


      Thanks for making such a cool mission to play, and from my perspective, a good teaching example of how to make a more sophisticated mission.



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