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  1. You are just all over the place today, aren't you?
  2. I solved my stuttering issues by getting 64GB ram
  3. Glad to hear it! Looking forward to it. Glad you like it! I’m not really looking to make any more at this point though, sorry.
  4. Get it while it’s fresh! https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3314433/
  5. -- --Fixed a bug where sometimes the next task would not start if the last enemy killed was a Ural-375 --Added ability to air start all air assets. --Tweaks to enemy starting positions. --Tweaks to enemy unit compositions. --Tweaks to friendly units compositions.
  6. I’m glad you like it. Oh right I was supposed to remove those. Sorry, I'll get it next update.
  7. You can open the mission in the editor and change any of the Hawg (Hawg 1, Hawg 2, Hawg 3...) flights to Harriers and it will play the same.
  8. Changelog -Added ability to toggle duration for intel messages (10/30 seconds) -When a tasking starts, the general direction of the enemy units is reported by ground units. -When a friendly air unit is rolling in to attack, they will report which direction they are coming from. -Enemy ammo trucks might explode
  9. Here's a track. GBU-12_off_target.trk
  10. When Steer Point selector is set to either Mission or Flight Plan the latest created mark point shows up on HMCS, but after the mark points restart from A (after creating another mark point after Y) the last created mark point does not show up on HMCS. A-10CII_Mark_Point_Cycle.trk
  11. I run DCS on an M.2 with the OS on the same drive, and I have no issues with that setup. My only reference though is my last computer which was an iMac running windows bootcamp.
  12. I see, no just the stock profiles. Thanks, I’ll fiddle a bit but make a video either way!
  13. I can’t for the life of me get this behavior to work. For me it starts cycling through the profiles in the same way (from top to bottom in the profiles list) wherher I’m in CCIP or CCRP master mode.
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