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  1. EasyEB

    80’s skins

    Same template. Hopefully there’ll be an updated version but filling it in is pretty easy.
  2. I’ve noted problems when releasing in the near end of release paremiters. It’s like the bomb does not account for having to take a steeper dive in a late release and struggles to pitch down in the end of its guidance stage because it overflew in the early stages.
  3. Ok boys, I made a cockpit texture mod while we wait for Minskys mod. Here: https://forums.eagle.ru/forum/english/dcs-world-topics/mods-and-apps/dcs-mods/7155574-a-10c-ii-not-as-aged-cockpit-textures
  4. Right so I wanted a cockpit texture that wasn't as heavily worn in as ED's "aged" cockpit, but also not factory new so here's A-10C II not as aged cockpit textures. This is a replacement cockpit texture for the "aged" cockpit. It is a mix of "factory new" and "aged" It features -Lighter wear on all the panels and such, while the canopy rail, floor and so on are still heavily worn. -Removed the static "reflections" in the instruments. -Blue strips instead of green on the engine instrument panel because I saw that in a picture once and it looked cool. To install: Download here:
  5. Don’t think the mav even has to be on the mfcd, it’ll open it.
  6. EasyEB

    Better Smoke

    No idea, sorry.
  7. EasyEB

    Better Smoke

    i increased all LODdistance in /Config/Effects/ParticleSystem2/groundExplosion.lua to 100000.
  8. EasyEB

    Better Smoke

    I could kiss you.
  9. Anyone ever made a successful script that returns if a plane has any built in cannon ammo left? I can’t for the life of me figure out how to do it using getAmmo
  10. EasyEB

    Better Smoke

    Basically from how far away the explosions are visible. Smoke, tracers, cluster bomb detonations and regular explosions all have different visibility range, where smoke and cluster bomb detonations are visible from very far away, whereas regular explosions are not visible until the player is very close, or very zoomed in. Which means you can easily miss that explosions are even taking place, unless they hit something that is destroyed and starts smoking. I'll attach a screenshot to show. The game was paused when I took the screenshot, the only thing I changed was the zoom.
  11. EasyEB

    Better Smoke

    Hey Taz, you find anything on the explosions visibility?
  12. There's no need to select master mode (your point 4) before selecting weapon profile. The profile you select will override your selected master mode.
  13. I do Coolie up (make HUD soi), then hold coolie down (temporarily display DSMS), select profile then let go of the coolie switch and get to it. I find it quite quick and no way to accidentally switch weapon profiles.
  14. We just need HMCS displayed in front of the NVG effect, not behind.
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