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  1. I have the same problem. All other games work good with Virtual Desktop wirelessly
  2. No, thank YOU. Not many people share their effort for the good of others. That honors you, Sir!
  3. Do you have a Paypal account for gifts?
  4. Coild you share your 3018 settings for the PCBs? Type of drill bit, speed, etc Thank you Sorry for he offtopic
  5. Same here. My K40 v2 was a little cheaper but I upgraded it with better pump, way better exhaust, air assist, bed... Even that way, far cheaper than a professional one:
  6. Well, these solenoid normally are 28V 400hz, so 12v is quite low. In F16 original mag switchs we use 24V activated by a relay, for sim use. Cheers
  7. Thank you @RightStuff @StrongHarm It is not ugly. I like it. Simple and effective. Nice work!
  8. I don’t understand the issue. In a fighter you even help yourself pushing with the glareshield to look back. You’re restrained by the harnesses but you still can move! So you look around as much as your neck, body, chair and aircraft frame let you. Exactly the same like in VR as it is now. The only thing I don’t like is been able to go out of the canopy, crossing the glass/frame. THAT should be modeled and restricted. Cheers
  9. http://www.hempstick.org/The_Official_Hempstick_Site/Flight_Sim_3D_Models.html Interesting reading too... Cheers
  10. Full cockpit + VR? Well, in fact, I do want to see my physical cockpit. I build it to be seen! You’re right that I’d need to chroma the MFDs displays, for example, in order to see the VR ones, or have very good HD cameras to see the real ones. But watching my hands and cockpit in 3D I can use everything on it. Cheers
  11. Hi, I talked to Reality Blender dev. He told that the API didn’t support to implement 3D image on the overlay but he’s investigating on the new API and maybe he has chances to achieve it! Good luck to him
  12. Full cockpit + VR? Hi, I’m building a real-size F16 pit. I also have an HTC Vive for some time. There is something in my mind for some time ago. Nowadays it’s not difficult to find good quality fast USB cameras, even wide angle ones. Why not putting two them together over our HMD to create an stereo camera? (3D printed mounted). Then we use an OVR program to put those camera feed into the VR game BUT being already treated for stereo vision. Now the integration thing, there already are programs to draw in VR in 3D. So why don’t we paint the border of our pit/desktop/HOTAS and tell the O
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