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  1. OP's issue has been reported months ago: Let's hope it finally got fixed.
  2. Luckily it was easier to reproduce than expected. The problem is related to switching master modes, most likely while APKWS are selected. I have attached a short track demonstrating the issue, the "CCRP invalid" appears after ca. 40s track time and during the rest of the track. I did the following: select APKWS, toggle through master modes, select GBU-12 profile (profiled for CCRP delivery, CCRP mode selected). 54's and basically any CCRP are affected. I am using the current OB release, without mods except for SRS. a10c2_ccrp_invalid.trk
  3. I got "CCRP Invalid", with symptoms described in the OP, on GBU-12's a couple of times now (in MP), always after landing/rearming, never on the initial flight. The only setting ever touched in the bombs' profile was setting them to CCRP. Re-initialising/-loading the stations did nothing, the only delivery method was CCIP. Another common denominator with the OP was using APKWS, although not in CCRP (wasn't this disabled for APKWS in one of the last patches?). Until someone provides a track, I am afraid we'll be stuck with this problem for a while. One a side note, sleeping JDAM's do
  4. Check the units' engagement ranges yourself, ingame or in the ME, and make sure they are between their min. and max. ranges, else they will ignore the task. Esp. MLRS or Scud's have much greater min. (but also max.) engagement ranges. Also, depending on skill settings they might take up to 3(+) minutes to fire -- at least it used to be that way.
  5. It's not going to solve the initiator-problem, and it's certainly not the most effective or secure method, but: you could "password" the mark-commands with something like -spawn sam_site1 #password123.
  6. Same day this thread was created -- the date format here is MM-DD-YYYY.
  7. I can confirm that giving them a target their own firing solutions never hit the target, just as you've shown. I never knew you can actually take direct control of a submarine, at least the Type 093, so I tried it myself. After a couple of tries I was lucky and guessed the correct firing solution, but the torpedo went straight through the ship, no boom. If that is related to not being able to set torpedo depth (it always seems to be 16-17ft), or if it's a bug, idk.​
  8. Without quite a bit of scripting (checking and evaluating known targets, hit detection, setting new task/waypoints, etc.), naval vessels will -- unfortunately -- not do do any autonomous maneuvering. One could try and fake it via trigger zones, though.
  9. Retrieve group via getGroup() on event initiator, then getCoalition() on the retrieved group, which will give you values 0, 1 or 2 for the coalition.
  10. Only clients/players return a value (string) for getPlayerName(), so you could try something like this: function Handler:onEvent(event) if event.id == world.event.S_EVENT_CRASH then local ei = event.initiator if ei == nil then return end local playerName = ei:getPlayerName() -- ... if playerName ~= nil then -- ... end -- ... end end
  11. No problem. :thumbup: Consider asking such questions in the Mission Editor sub-forum, chances are higher you'll get more answers there.
  12. He is talking about the UPP-800 mounts, i.e. launch tubes, not missile launch zone reticle on the HUD.
  13. Please refer to the images 1 to 6. Select the aircraft, (1) on waypoint 0 click the lower add button for advanced waypoint actions. This will open a new window (2) -- click the upper drop-down menu and select Set option (3) and subsequently select Reaction to threat. The default behaviour is (4) Allow abort mission. Click on e.g. (5) Passive defence (or something you find suitable), this will set this reaction type. It doesn't have to be waypoint 0, but make sure it is a waypoint that's ahead of the attack. With this setup the aircraft will usually fight until death. If the aircraft
  14. I'm pretty sure it's a CA-only feature. The "Pilot can control vehicles" box can be found in the Battlefield Commanders UI (button with flags on left side in the ME).
  15. @ Controlling units from airframe slots: yes, but it depends on the mission (maker), i.e. if it has been enabled via tick box "Pilot can control vehicles" in the ME. Then you can control them from any airframe without selecting a CA slot.
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