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  1. Civil planes are needed....look at the NTTR extansion, some civil Helicopters like a Bell 407, MD500, EC145 or fix wing aircrafts like a Beech C90, Cessna Caravan and so on....
  2. http://foxtrotalpha.jalopnik.com/an-elite-f-14-airman-explains-why-the-tomcat-was-so-imp-1610043625 Our squadron did a night AIM-54 Phoenix shoot where we shot two Phoenixes at range against a drone. The shots were staggered by about 2 miles, one right after the other. Our lead safes, while on NVG's, followed both missiles toward the target. They reported back that the first Phoenix was "Boola Boola", meaning a direct hit and completely destroying the drone. They said what happened next was pretty amazing. The second Phoenix quickly made an adjustment off what was left of the drone and hit the largest remaining part. Remember, this 1,000lb missile is traveling at Mach 3.0 and only a couple of miles behind the first missile, so there was very little time for the missile to react. I guess the Ordies had programmed it for "pulverization mode". The good thing about the Phoenix was its range. We used to brief that we would shoot one Phoenix at "range" (and I won't say what that range was, but it was far) into any unresolved group of aircraft declared hostile. The idea was to make at least one of the enemy fighters blow up in front of his wingman's face, thus making him think twice about pursuing us.
  3. Good Video, thx for the link :thumbup:
  4. Congrats to China, aggressive tactics nice ! Salute 104th Mogas
  5. Anyway, my choice.... :joystick:
  6. good things need some time, and they are GOOD! :)
  7. Stopped flying the Mirage until it is fixed, unflyable with my axes and curves setting before the Patch has broken it.... :mad:
  8. On this vid from the VF-154 with there F-14A`s you can see the "B" like RWR Display in the Cockpit. At 00:13 and 03:10 min..It seems that the A`s got some updates in case of the RWR in there last days, like the new MFD for the RIO....
  9. Try: Saturation X,Y on 100 Deadzone on 0 Curvature on 0 Its FBW! :thumbup:
  10. As soon as the shaking starts, and you switch to VRILLE to make it home. But, you cant land the plane, as soon as the plane touch down it crashes, either you jump up and start to spin or explodes. I have tried to switch to NORM just before landing, it dosent prevent you from crashing.. So keep the two wing tanks at home..... :(
  11. It seems the Drag Chute gets not rearmed, after you used it ones, MP and SP.
  12. It seems that I get no launch warning from SAHR Missiles in SP and MP, the lock up warning is there! EDIT: If the AIM-120`s gets active on you, the only way to see it is with (M) symbole on the RWR, no different sound on the RWR either.
  13. instant buy....what the sim world needs!
  14. right, the FOB Ranger mod seems do have a issue with the new update....As soon I copy the tech folder in the MODS folder, DCS stops on starting the game...... I only have Mustangs texture mod and the UH1H Sound mod from Diveplane, no issue with that, but FOB Ranger mod dosent work...for me atleast...
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