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  1. You simply cant fly with Default textures in 1.5 ! Mustangs mod or the others made it fly able, when you get used to other sims, OMG, we are in 2017. I know 2.1 Looks good on Screens, but, lol, ever tried it with some Players on a Server?
  2. sad news! 1.5 Looks ugly and unreal without your mod Chris! Now the hope is, that we see 2.5 coming up soon, well, better tomorrow, in 2017 you simply cant fly on 1.5 land textures.... :huh:
  3. no offensive here, you dont know what you are talking about, it seems you wanna crash that topic from the Heatblur F14 with a LN Miggy?! Bring it to Magnitude 3LLC....Viggen by Heatblur is great! :doh:
  4. Well, you complain about visibility (15 units) the FLOLS would be visible in the Vid if it would work proberly. I dont see anything rong in the Vid...
  5. The approach reference bar IS 15 angle of attack units, on a carrier landing! The optimal approach indexer circle (amber) is between 14.5 and 15.5, on optimum speed!
  6. DCS World, AIM 120C good PK is 6 miles on average Pilot, both low! I just hope ED dosent touch the F14 Tomcat missiles, otherwise the Phoenix is good around 15 miles.!
  7. There will be more drama, when People figure out the E2, AIM-54, F14 combo with DL... :thumbup::joystick::pilotfly:
  8. You mean a Gyro drift! If a horizon instrument hooks up...you stay in the ground...
  9. Bug still there, after the update!!
  10. The A10 with a AIM9 kill is missing....I had 3 Kills.. ..
  11. Cant be that hard to fix....!
  12. MoGas

    Smoking ships

    nice mod! but you cant join the Servers online with the mod!! IC!!
  13. link works again, that Video was down...
  14. No KA27 or 32 module around.... ;)
  15. Any chance for some civil KA50 repaints, like the KA32's..? Cheers :joystick:
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