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  1. HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL, and have a good EJECT in the upcoming 2009!!!!
  2. Hi Guys, Shooter and myself made a Slideshow for you, with the picture`s from my multiyplayer server where were run some coop mission`s in last couple days. http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=cs4z_wIymrQ note: pls. watch the Slideshow in Full HD HAPPY CHRISTMAS TO ALL AND YOUR FAMILY`S greets MoGas and Shooter
  3. Happy Birthday Diveplane S!
  4. Very bad, but I guess it was really accident with couple factors on it, that it happens like this. When I look on the photo where you can see that the wind is also bloweing not quit low, for a emergency landing with just one engine and maybe some other probs...!
  5. very nice Kusch, I like the Apache "the eye of death" picture.
  6. looks good, how it works with NVG and night condition?
  7. VERY, VERY NICE:thumbup::thumbup: Q: 3GO, is there a idea to make the SU-33 as well with this quality?
  8. For the F/A-18E, F about 60.000 US dollar the helmet, I guess it is the same price for the Polish F-16`s.
  9. http://www.apacheclips.com/media/1118/Cobra%20pilot%20camera/ :joystick:
  10. already postet by Groove, 2 topics below I guess:)! Anyway good vid yes.
  11. I guess this have a other reason GG, when the Heli gets out of control, and he is upside down in low altitute, there is the ejecting seat useless. But better you have one then no eject seat. For example you get hit by a stinger or igla in the tail section, where the tail-rotor is for the standart heli`s and you get a 360 spin, then good night especialy in a rough landscape like mountain`s. You will crash and burn. I guess this eject feature is not so bad.
  12. thats a great vid thx Groove! The are really busy down there amazing.
  13. Votet for F/A-18, but I would like to see a Tornado GR4, IDS and ofcourse the F3 as well. F-15E, F-111, AV8B, F-14D I know I`am getting crazy now sorry:music_whistling:
  14. Many people forgot about the Austrian "JAGDKOMMANDO" http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=6mOOpZFQTZw :thumbup: the won couple special forces tournaments against SAS, Navy Seals, Green Barrets etc..! The also come to Austria for mountain training and survive tactics. Like the US-Airforce with the UH-60 Blackhawks to train over here.
  15. WOOOWWW thats amazing, this is GREAT wow:thumbup::thumbup:
  16. Very nice Shaggy!! :thumbup:
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