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  1. How you fixed the Tornado canopy (Class)?
  2. Well, it is funny, that a AV8B got the KC130 right away, a M2000C still no KC135 with a drouge/basket, after years lol.....
  3. Hey, great mod!! I DL the latest version, but I cant find the Cessna 210 for AI? Is not included yet? Cheers
  4. hmm 25.5t. as you wrote is 56217,88 LBS!!?? I guess you mean 25.5 LBS. The problem is that he cant perform a rolling take-off, rolling, on a runway (I thought my first post was clear enough), not VTOL! With a rolling take-off he should made it with a round max 31000LBS.... If that is too much asked for, what I see, someone else complains about it, and about my ":mad:" I dont know then.... ;) Especially if you are build SP missions where the "Harrier" takes-off from "runways" it is annoying! As you may know the Tarawa is bugy too, and the landings ....Well landings are not always working on "runways" either... Next time I ask before I post a game stopper bug, (for me atleast in SP) if I offend someone! 104th_MoGas out.... :thumbup:
  5. Well, it dosent matter, who is in charge. Its a basic feature, for a airplane to be able to takeoff....SP or MP.
  6. AI you know what it means?
  7. It seems the AI AV8B still cant perform a rolling takeoff, even after the latest update on 1.5! :mad:
  8. exactly and MCAS Yuma for the Harriers!
  9. COMM 2 wheel, jumps around or turns around as soon as water injection comes in. Anybody else sees it? :joystick:
  10. 104th_MoGas F14B hehe...Aww is a F15C sadly ;)
  11. is missing the main gear.....
  12. MoGas

    HUD shape

    Looks much better! :thumbup:
  13. MoGas

    HUD shape

    It is out of shape.... :noexpression: For 70 bucks in the final release I expect Heatblur graphic quality! Dont get me rong, I have already "Pre-purchased" the Harrier, love this plane!!!
  14. I agree with that, it is needed, if you get used to P3d VLSO you wanna have it in DCS too! It is a must have addon!
  15. hi all....the Altimeter freezes at 33130ft, in F2, in the info-bar it is still working, at 36183ft in the info-bar the Altimeter works again in the M2000 but with the rong ALT, it starts to count from the 33130ft....so, he is 3000ft+ behind the actual ALT. When you decent, it starts to work again around 32000ft +-....! It was already before the new update from today.....Maybe someone can confirm it. cheers
  16. In general, AI flyts act up above 23.000ft sometimes. Cant hold ALT after WP change turns, wingman from AI flyt fall back and so on...It is not since this update....This seems to be a long resisting bug...
  17. I dont see a F-16 or MiG-29 in the polish country aircraft list in the mission editor....
  18. Nice!! Would be good to get some single or twin engine planes too, like Cessna or Beech. To get some civi life in Nevada or Caucasus.....would be great! I use flightradar24 to simulate RL routes/ ALT, over caucasus-nevada....
  19. It seems the SU33 has no wing Flex?! :joystick:
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