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  1. The F18F fuel tanks textures are broken, any ideas?
  2. wow didnt know that, about the two radars......when you call it the dumbest missile, and she is able to track you down, in any case, I would call it a "smart-ass" missile anyway....I dont even have the Tomcat, I fly the J11 the hole day… :noexpression:
  3. Impossible to notch? :joystick: Nothing new…..
  4. Keep testing it, until you figure it out ;)
  5. it is too easy to be notched, should be harder………..:joystick:
  6. weird, what kind of AIM-54´s you are using? The AIM-54A MK47 is weak, the MK60 is very good, the AIM-54C besides the more or less smoke less engine is weak too….But, I dont see a hitting issue with all of the missiles at all, you just need to know which missile you use and you fire it in the right parameters, to get a high PK with it... You cant fire with a MK47 from 60 miles like you would with a MK60 from a high to high to catch a off guard guy.
  7. the hot start should have been "on" right from the begin of this event, and with a pre selected loadout what is allowed. If someone needs a change to the loadout he can change it. It saves time to get the people ready for taxi….
  8. I guess it is clear it takes time and effort to host such events. It is clear from the begin isnt it...I cant even remember when our flyts got livestreamed at all.....
  9. same here,NTTR Hornet freezes…Cold start hot start dosent matter
  10. hi Jack, nice work! If it is possible for you to paint the line birds too from that timeframe? 3-4 jets with the right modex numbers? https://www.alamy.de/stockfoto-001004-n-6967-m-504-an-bord-der-uss-george-washington-4-oktober-2000-eine-f-14-tomcat-aus-dem-jolly-rogers-der-jagdgeschwader-eins-null-drei-vf-103-jolly-rogers-bereitet-sich-auf-dem-flugdeck-uss-george-washington-cvn-73-verlassen-die-norfolk-va-basierte-carrier-und-schiffte-sich-oceana-va-basierte-squadron-in-das-mittelmeer-us-navy-foto-des-fotografen-mate-2-klasse-shane-mccoy-freigegeben-001004-n-6967-m-504-von-navalsafetycenter-173775793.html https://www.alamy.com/stock-photo-001021-n-2227w-001-aboard-uss-george-washington-oct-21-2000-aircrew-173997016.html that would be awsome….. :joystick:
  11. nice! T-45 a must have plane!
  12. same here….DCS closes only with task manager (black screen)
  13. cant exit to Desktop either, only with "task manager" to end DCS, no log files
  14. Late A's had it too, no worries the fairings getting added to the B aswell. Cheers
  15. So I guess the flickering is not gone with this update? I had no flickering, until the last update.
  16. good luck! looking forward to the KFIR aswell! nice
  17. Hey, u know nothing! Dont come up with that Quote. Ok!
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