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  1. All the F14 Tomcat angst gets annoying. Every time when people start to struggle with a module or weapon, its the developers fault. Instead of looking on there own tactics how to deal with a certain threat, in some cases the rule "go up, blow up" applies and if someone gets not out of this box he can keep complaining until he stopps playing the game.


    Everybody knows, we have a general desync issue in the game, deal with it. But, it gets obvious that the F14 gets nerfd at most.


    It seems nobody takes a complain about the JF SD10 TSS small (missile API), and the ultra strong nail from the radar, what shows  up as 20 miles away from the F16 for example, what is in reality 100 miles away...I would ban this module too or restrict it to heaters only, sounds good? No, it dosent sound good....And I can deal with it, I take this issue into my tactics to fight this plane with proper SA.


    The F16, pulling 9gs with tanks on, or the radar, stronger then a F15 radar common guys, get a grip...


    I am not a fan of posting a tacview, where someone looses it, sorry for that, but I just wanna show how easy a 54 defeat is (easy is rong, u need some training too), if you train it with youre SQN or as a lonewolf pilot in SP. My last issue is to fight a Tomcat one vs one......thats a fact...the unotch able PAL/TCS 54s lol stop crying....

    Tacview-20210615-153256-F-14B vs F16 low.zip.acmi



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  2. :)

    This is how someone who is under the effects of placebos behaves. That's what we can laugh at


    I would not like to be in your place and be another victim of self-deception.


    Placebo is youre defensive manouver, but you will figure it out. :thumbup:

  3. I have flown the F-14 a few times but each time I fly it and get into any combat it shutters, stalls and flips over. Any type of aggressive movements with it it acts like it wants to falls out of the sky. I know the real aircraft does not act like this so why design such a bad flight model into it.


    Now I have not modified the axis controls in any way so if others have changed theirs this might be my issue. Out of the box it is terrible in my opinion but would like to make it flyable in combat without it just stalling all the time.......


    With that said it is by far the most beautifully done aircraft in DCS.


    Well, it needs some training to get the limits out of the Tomcat, if you keep going on with it, you will see how good the FM and its character of the plane is. The downside of it, you see how sterile the other modules are incase of the FM.



  4. You're right about the in-game situation - I wasn't aware that people were trying to notch the fighter rather than the missile. Interesting data point.


    yep, I was always suprised when I watched the tacviews from the online flights, when people complained and asked for restrictions...I thought the will figure it out one day, but as you can see, most of the time always the the same People who are complain…. :joystick:

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