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  1. OR maybe its not that its to fast, I just dont think F-16 in DCS (Not IRL) Is affected to air temperature environment at all does not matter the condition, Compared to other modules, And seems to not be draggy carrying a full payload? Different temps in DCS world is the test you might want to try. Than just the F-16 is to fast.
  2. If data is available why not? Even an export variant.
  3. Human rio can set missile active off the rail, This would be a handy option if jester has this option also? IF its not added already.
  4. Yes ED already have a list, 3rd party asks can we make X Y Z ED say yes or no depending in there list, Wags stated in a podcast 3rd parties can make Russian stuff.
  5. Correct 3rd parties have every chance to create Russian aircraft, Its only ED that can not, Modern ones atleast.
  6. Ill give you the reason why they dont track. 1. There closure rate is poor at mach 0.8 2. Getting below your target after you launch will keep an awsome track. 3. If the bandit beams the f-14 radar the track will also be lost (70s Tech) Not 2010. 4. Problem is these people have relied on active straight off the rail, With no timer. These issues are down to the people flying it completely wrong, And i must say have no issues with any aim-54 variant. HOWEVER there is one issue, When the pilot pulls hard in an populated server, Any human rio wil
  7. Well most VR tutorials i have seen, Never mention these windows options, I tried on the off chance, Ive asked the thread to be pinned it may help others than getting lost.
  8. After MONTHS of p******ing about different setting, Tutorials, These settings (Not the steam ones) Has worked wonders, Now bare in mind im not running a G2 but quest (Because money option) And budget was a thing, Im wondering if these two windows settings: 1) Turn off HPET, this is a basic Hygiene function and can be applied safely to pretty much any Intel processor (though I personally found a number stability issues when using the other recommended perf improvement on thread separation, linked off that advice) 2) Turn off Dynamic Ticks. Was causing som
  9. 50KM what version of DCS are you using, R-77 is best at 15KM if its not chaffed or notched. R-Max?
  10. Basically what your saying is DCS multi player is completely Fu barred with 40+ players in one server, Either way just play Single player. So i dont get why ED and 3rd parties make and waste there time on multi crew modules
  11. High ping yes, But 99% is a ping of around 40 to the same server for both clients, This was not like this before last patch. ED changed something and now its affecting multi crew.
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