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  1. Im thinking about about just un installing and calling it day. Its taking 10 mins to boot the sim, 5 mins to enter a server, 3 mins to repair dcs, Thats before i even get in the pit.
  2. Its beyond a joke fix the **** sim, Im sick and tired time after time after time, Post this log delete these folders delete them folders fix this repair that, Ive updated blah blah its beyond a joke GET IT FIXED.dcs.log If there was another competitor DCS would be sunk.
  3. Yea really rare to have any issues with 104th events, My ping to your server was above 260, Yet when the server started i had a good 94.
  4. I to believe there is a leak in this map its ok for about 10 mins then goes to pot.
  5. Thanks for putting it together as always, Server was fine at 94 ping for me, When we hooked up to the tanker all hell let loose warp wiped me up, I disconnected and checked the pings 104th server went from 94 to 260 so was impossible to re join, however looking at the other servers pings they were all fine, Im not sure what changed but yea was a no go for me.
  6. To OP one of growling sidewinders clowns VFA alphabet frosty 141 banned me off the discord and there server for a cat gif, Dont be hard done by this is what happens when you give children powers im afraid. This is just the dcs community toxicity coming out just fly on another server lol
  7. Locking me with radar firing 120s at me PARKED i need to make that clear firing actives on me, Im in a plane not a chopper im not at 2000ft or notching or taxiing, Im parked missile tracks. I should be off his radar.
  8. Aircraft 30 to 40nm 35000 feet shoupd not be able to lob radar guided missiles on aircraft parked on the floor (not moving) not at 2000 feet or 10000 feet on the floor not going any where the missile looking dowm into that ground clutter should not track end of, Ive never seen this happen before in DCS ever ive been about a loooong time its happened twice on servers both being bluelag buddyspike. And funny enough track replays beimg bugged for over 2 years i cant get a track because a bug stops me.
  9. Was in buddyspike server, Ill see if we can create a small track test tomorrow.
  10. Thank you on the server earlier same thing from F-16 lobbing 120s at me on the ground, I have no tracks because there borked Anything over 2 hours Ive never known this before, Like i say i dont know but its worth testing.
  11. Check thread but could be ED's side.
  12. Understand dude, ERM i wonder if to link this thread in the ED bug section or maybe get it passed on for testing, This is in MP.
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