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  1. CCIP it doesn't work with CBU97 we try and a try and a try drop it bombs CBU97, with CCIP mode and it doesn't work, before last big update it's working very very good, and now when we fired sometimes drop it and some times don't dropped
  2. hi guys, somebody can takeoff from carrier, with new update? because i can't, Lalt 1 and LAlt 2 and nothing, thanks community A-4, awesome mod, Helles Belle, fantastic skins congratulations
  3. after last update, the A-4 it's missing, somebody know why?
  4. Fat Creason, it's very easy, just make a hard landing on carrier or pull up the stick close to wires on carrier and the engines hit the deck and the engine right turn off, then try to start again and not start, make a repair wait 170 sec and then start again and not have power around the world in DCS to make start engine right.....
  5. Hi everyone or HB, yesterday i fired 12 AIM-54C and hit 10/12 in a personal multiplayer mission, today we upgrade the DCS Beta and fly the same mission and i fired 18 AIM-54C and anyone hit all missiles missed targets, i fired 2 at 9 miles and the two missed targets vs mig21 it's this correct? or something was wrong, thank you Team HB
  6. Hi guys, someone can fire the AGM-65E with laser? i ckeck so many times the procedure and i can't fire the missile:cry:
  7. Exacky the same for me, we need heeeeeeelp, ASAP
  8. hi UPUAUT when i run your fantastic template, say this message NEED MODULES FOR LOAD MISSION: UH-1LZ, NAVY EQUIPMENT, but the mods are there , C:\Users\piolin23000\Desktop\Saved Games\DCS.openbeta\Mods\Tech.
  9. GBU works good with DSL mode, AUT don't working, some BUG
  10. some body try to reload AGM-65E and works good after rearm and reload for the second time?, for me not working, i can't lasing again or my cage uncage not working
  11. Hi shdwp this look like awesome, i have a squadron 718th an interesting in your mission but we try to start and nothing happen, my saved games is in C:\saved games\DCS.openbeta\ , is no problem with this or where can i change the command to execute your mission tks
  12. me too, rebuilt the mission but it's not working for me, anybody can use it and working good the ICLS?
  13. somebody can see the new night lights on tarawa?, because i flow on night over tarawa and it's all lights off
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