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  1. Does the rate of crank (g-load) matter? I.E. will the missile still go dumb if you do a light 45 degrees crank as well a hard one? Or is the offset the key factor? In the past, i've lost even hard PD-STT locks doe to pulling non-trivial g's.
  2. You probably mean the other way around. They are out (as in deployed) from 0 to mach 0.58.
  3. Yeah. I guess we won't find out anytime soon though. :(
  4. Aaah, good to know. Thanks lads! :thumbup:
  5. I understand why this was done, i really do. The problem is, your are "punishing" the wrong demographics. If this was done to "discipline" the air-quake crowd, trust me, you have achieved little. Those guys start in the air and in 95% of the cases don't live long enough land. Heck, they don't even intend to land even if they survive long enough to do. It's faster to eject and spawn in a new plane in the air. Those few that do decide to land aren't in a bad spot either. the nearest runways is laughably close. 30 miles from the "hot zone" at most. You can glide the plane that far. So what's gonn
  6. If in a sustained flight, then possibly a bug, yes. As for the pilot not exploding......well, that's just DCS for you. It doesn't simulate those conditions. You can take a number of planes in this sim, and take them north of 100000ft and still land without issues.
  7. Amen. And please do make it a sticky! Not a week goes by without people bringing this up :(
  8. At least things are on the move. I've been around for only 5 years (3 of actually flying), but by looking at older threads, it seams like the missile state was in a state of limbo for a long time. Possibly a decade or more. The last year was bumpy, yes, but at least it's bumpy because they are working on it. The downside is, by doing it, they appeared to have stirred the hornet's nest of some of the old competitive elite, that enjoyed the established status quo (WVR missiles, wonky guidance, simplistic tactics).
  9. No, they do not. The title refers to the "normal" operations, and that's with the maneuvering flaps-slats ONLY! Now don't get me wrong, i do not approve of the way they handled the flap damage model for multiple reasons, but it has nothing to do with the topic and there is another thread, in the bugs section devoted to it.
  10. I always thought both A and C will go stupid unless the go-active signal was sent by the WCS.
  11. Are the F-14's allowed in MP? I thought they got banned because of the last patch issues with the AIM-54.
  12. Essentially this: Or in other words, close your left eye. Now put your thumb in front of the open eye. Almost blind, right? Proceed to open your closed eye and put the entire palm in front of you face, between your eyes. Nowhere near as bad, even though the obstacle is way bigger right? Well every time you fly on a conventional screen, you effectively fly cyclops style, one eye only. Perspective gets distorted. Depth perception disappears. No matter what field of view you use. This is what makes VR so good. It brings back your second eye. You no longer fly half-blind. I tried using "pe
  13. Will the alternate beaver tail be available for the Navy planes as well?
  14. I think HB is working on a fix or have already done so. Some bug related to the engines overheating.
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