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  1. Weren't ED in complete control of weapon systems now?
  2. Something weird i noticed tonight. Maybe the guys with more experience in DCS can chime in. I won't go into more details on how and why, but i did flew half a dozen turns today, at sea level and 5000ft. One with a slick Alpha and one with the standard load we've been testing. Difference in gross weight of about 5%. 350 KIAS, level turn, max sustained rate. Resulted in about 5.1g for the loaded plane and about 5.4g for the clean bird. A 5% difference all right. But shouldn't the difference be larger? What about stores drag? It's as if DCS doesn't....or to be more precise, always models the dr
  3. That's a question probably best aimed at ED, as they are the ones that control missile behavior now. Even on 3rd party ordnance.
  4. awkward Ah, roger that. Decided to continue with the tests tonight, but something really strange happened, something i did not expect. At all.... Like, i started with some warmup flights, designed purely to train my muscle memory. Nothing fancy, just a couple of birds, one completely clean, the other with the usual 4x4 stores configuration. Maintaining level turns at 0ft, 5000ft, 10000f at 350KIAS. Didn't actually plan to taking any measures, i something caught my eye. My turns were at 350 knots, and i noticed the difference in sustained g was very small. Almost too small in fact.
  5. We are still talking about the F-14A, right? Shouldn't the inlet ramp really have only two settings on the switch, stow and auto?
  6. Then the next time i have enough free time to fly i should try and cover more possible loads. A few come to mind: -2 Sparrows in the funnel VS 2 on the wing pylons -4 Winders on the pylons VS 2 Winders and 2 Sparrows on the pylons -2 Winders VS 2 Sparrows all on the pylons....
  7. Also, if numbers don't stick, watch and study your fuel flow as you change altitudes and airspeed.
  8. Considering how an F-14 managed to shot itself with a rear mounted AIM-7 on at least one occasion, i wouldn't call the Sparrow exactly a trouble-less implementation
  9. I think maybe he just wants an AMRAAM implementation for the F-14, so everyone can have a fair game, but is too shy to openly ask for it, as the missile was never really operationally fielded
  10. C*rap...... and some thought that would be a good idea...... I mean, this is laughable level of performance, and it clearly isn't the plane or the engines. I've never tested her with irons or rockets, as usually do A-A or joyriding, but if what you say is true........
  11. Also never forget that we as a community are here for that reason as well, to provide feedback and help, if asked for. There are quite a few of us here that are quite passionate about this stuff, and wouldn't mind sharing a part of the load in performing these tests. Especially on weekends. Besides, more people, means we can distribute the and share in the responsibilities so we fly and test different parts of the envelope!
  12. Did some speed runs in the free flight missions today. Dropped the tanks but kept the Winders and the Sparrows on the glove pylons. Climbed to 20000ft, accelerated to mach 0.9 then climbed to 37000ft, leveled off and plugged in full burner. The plane can't push past the mach 1.0 number. I fire the missiles and look and behold, the plane accelerates to mach 1.9 in a climb to 40000ft (didn't bother to trim). Worked around the engine fire issue by throttling down a few seconds for the temperature to subside. Got another bird, this time i mounted 4 Sparrows in the funnel and clean wing glove
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