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  1. Hi you re right that was a locking pb. When playing today i noticed that radat square on hud sometimes not present when using close combat mode. Using 530. Only Tir circle was displayed. I need to do more tests
  2. Of course, master arm on, CAN don't flash on HUD and I was at a good distance to fire.
  3. Hi, starting in air, behind ennemy, lock him and select AA-Gun .... We don't have the reticle. Mission join.
  4. Hi, When starting, and setting Mode for GBU12 to AUTO, Mode display stays on CCIP. Have to switch betweens progs from 1 to 5 and go back to 1 to see the good parameter. So refresh problem. Track is joined. auto_mode_pb.trk
  5. Hi, yesterday, I made a mission in MP (server). I know Tpod is WIP. My FA18 configuration was 4 GBU12, 2 MAV E and Tpod. DDI configuration : Store on Left DDI and TPOD on right DDI. HSI on bottom screen. I noticed the following problems : Easy to reproduce - Left DDI was active. selected 82LG, I changed mode from CCIP to AUTO Mode. Prog 1 didn't change and CCIP is still displayed. Returned to menu then select Stores again. Then Prog 1 display was ok. Sometimes (but never immediatly) : Left DDI was active. Impossible to select options on Left DDI. All buttons were freezed, no action. I couldn't change laser code for example when clicking on the appropriate button on the left DDI. I had to return to menu then did some interraction on left DDI, and finally, all was becoming normal again. Strange. Sometimes (but never immediatly) : Right DDI was active, Laser switch on ARM. Trigg button was selected on right DDI. I couldn't activate the laser (Laser stays on L ARM status) when triggered. Like the previous item, I needed to do some interactions on DDI then all was becoming normal again. Strange again Sometimes (need to do more tests) : Left DDI was active. When clicking on UFC, qty or mult values of Prog 1 became negatives (in my case -25 for qty, one of other human pilot, mult value was bad). But, no modification has been done on UFC. Strange again
  6. Non AA Tacan uses the Recv frequencies defined in the pdf file (see first post). Both X and Y works (because recv freq are different for each mode X or Y), but when using Y mode, no bearing. I can set ICLS either on the stennis using ActivateBeacon : local freq = 15415000000 + 30000000 * ((channel - 1) % 10) local command = { id = 'ActivateBeacon', params = { type = 131328, system = 16, frequency = freq, } } controller:setCommand(command) command = { id = 'ActivateBeacon', params = { type = 131584, system = 17, frequency = freq, } } controller:setCommand(command) channel is the ICLS channel you want to use. Hope that help.
  7. So can't assign Y mode for stennis even in mission editor. System TACAN = 3, no mode management yet. wait and see.
  8. That's ok... A great thanks for funkyfranky. :thumbup: That's ok. For Y mode for tanker, in that case 5Y : local command = { id = 'ActivateBeacon', params = { type = 4 system = 5, callsign = "TKR", frequency = 1092000000, } } controller:setCommand(command) So I will try to do the same with Stennis. Hope the DCS wiki will be update !
  9. Oh... I don't believe all I read on Internet, but DCS wiki sources are generaly ok. So I will test. I think you don't need other thing than frequency. If that is ok, I will write that here. Thanks in advance if the lua struct you send me is the good one. Sunski
  10. @funkyfranky : Not possible man, system = 5 correspond to ILS_LOCALIZER And if system = 4 that doesn't work as I said before. Just try it and you will see
  11. I use my own framework Atme (more than 23000 lines of lua). I don t want to use another framework. Mine works perfectly . That isn t the subject. Spawning is good. Setting the tacan in X mode is ok. So please, if you know how to change tacan mode from X to Y, using setCommand just tell me. Thanks
  12. Hi, I think we don't speak about the same thing. You can set TACAN before using addGroup (spawn) and in that case, surely, what you said is good. In my case, I spawn a tanker without setting TACAN and after, and only after, setting the TACAN using setCommand. That's working perfectly in X mode. I retried today with those parameters : local command = { id = 'ActivateBeacon', params = { type = 4 system = 4, callsign = "TKR", frequency = 1092000000, AA = true, channel = 5, bearing = true, modeChannel = "Y", } } controller:setCommand(command) No change, Y mode isn't set, it's still X mode. So that doesn't work. For sure, TACAN frequencies seem to be OK in DCS . The tests I've done confirm that work perfectly. But I can't change the mode due to a limitation or to a parameter I don't know. Grimes, if you read that thread, do you have an answer? Thanks in advance.
  13. DCS Scripting functions Hi Hardcard, Thank for your help. I know that your code is extracted from a mission, but did you test your proposal ? I did some tries with all those parameters. What I now is mission code and scripting functions parameters are sometimes different. But I will try again today to be absolutly sure. My code is working fine for X mode. I think there s a limitation in scripting functions, or one or more parameters are missing in the wiki description. 5X AA is equivalent of 68X (freq 1092MHz, see the pdf) an AA (Air/Air channel) is the difference between 68 and 63 which result is 5. The frequency is defined in the pdf file. As you can see, 1088 MHz is for 64X. 64 - 63 = 1, so channel 1X (your example) Two more frequencies are needed to set the mode and bearing (VOR Frequency, and RECV frequency - see pdf file). Sunski
  14. I tried that without succes. modeChannel doesnt change anything
  15. Hi, I try to set a TACAN channel on a spawned tanker; That is good with : local controller = group:getController() local command = { id = 'ActivateBeacon', params = { type = 4, system = 4, callsign = "TKR", frequency = 1092000000, } } controller:setCommand(command) to activate channel 5X Air/air (see linked pdf) But how to change the mode 5X to 5Y because frequency is the same for both ? Thanks in advance VOR-Frequencies-to-TACAN-Channel-list.pdf
  16. Oh sorry, my fault.... Thanks not a bug.
  17. Hi, Flir menu doesn't appear when starting hot from stennis. Don't try cold start or from airfield.
  18. sunski34

    PCA/HUD updates

    Excellent Excellent news ... Hope that RAZBAM will continue its effort to make this module great again ;):thumbup::thumbup:
  19. JSOW A and C Hi, when changing weapon type on store page, and then, go back to JSA or JSC page, countdown will restart from 10:00, why ? Thanks in advance Sunski
  20. Hi, is there a way to do this with scripting?
  21. Hi, the problem exposed in this thread https://forums.eagle.ru/showpost.php?p=3806901&postcount=1 is a real bug. I tested with a FA-18C no problem. When flying with M2000C, sometimes (about 50%) the bomb disapears after launch without any reason. Speed (400kts) and attitude (level flying) are ok. Regards
  22. So it's not exactly the same problem as I thought.... Now I do a resetTask and wait 10s before setting a new FAC_ENGAGE_GROUP test. Starting is OK until read of 9lines... After JTAC have a problem and don't respond any more. No I test with FA-18 not Mirage because of GBU-12 bug with it (Bomb disapear after dropping ... So wait and see. JTAC has problems actually on DCS.
  23. sunski34

    GBU-12 issue

    same problem with Open Beta for a long time et still not fixed
  24. seems to be the same problem than https://forums.eagle.ru/showpost.php?p=3893195&postcount=1 thread, so not a scripting function problem but a DCS one. I will do more tests to be sure.
  25. I tried with resetTask no change... But with the last OB, the problem is now different. For the first setTask, all is good, and this ends with finish "you may depart"... Then after the delay, new setTask, F10 JTAC menu is OK. frequency ok but no response from JTAC... That doesn't work....
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