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  1. Ok thank you for your return... If you need more info, do not hesitate... So wait for feedback ;) @Madone : I did my tests without spotting, to be sure there is no link between spot and GBU release. Sunski
  2. So, I did several more tests, 10 tests with 2 GBU12 on central pylon (5) and 10 tests 2 GBU12, one on each pylon (3) and (7). No problem when GBU-12 are on central pylon (like GBU16), but one problem (on 10 tries) when GBU12 are on pylons (3) and (7). So I think there's effectively a random problem when GBU12 are on pylons (3) and (7). You've right Steph. Perhaps that last configuration is not valid for M2000C. I will set GBU12 on the central pylon only for my missions. I will do more tests with 2 GBU12 on pylon (5) to be sure. Note that those tests have been done with my script active ;) But I need Razbam confirmation ! Thanks
  3. @Ramsay, it's easy to reproduce @Steph, yes you've right, the problem I have is with 4 bombs.... I will test with one or 2 only. Your explain seems the right one ;) So wait and let's see Razbam answer ;).
  4. @Lorthirk : I'm sure, several tests done before opening that thread, and test with another people on its own PC. So it's a real problem @Ramsay : In my case, no bomb no strike ... but one bomb less on aircraft racks. I can reproduce that easily like in the video(one time on two nearly). I will do another track more longer with external view... But, the problem doesn't exist with GBU16... That is strange. Test on last OB too.
  5. Here is a track... Even if F6 doesn't work because no bomb. And the mission to test. That works sometimes, sometimes not. No problem with GBU-16. Same problem without script. No lasering cause no JTAC. ATME_spotTest.miz test GBU.trk
  6. Hi, when using GBU-12 on M2000C, I can set them but after release, the bomb has disappeared ... I can't see it with F6 key and it never hits something. I release the bomb when climbing a little bit (diamond center is up than 3°). I use a script so I need to test without. But when using GBU-16 no problem. Regards
  7. The problem is only with M2000C, not F18. I'm going to open a new thread in Razbam folder.
  8. Hi, when using GBU-12 either on F18 and M2000C, I can set them but after release, the bomb has disappeared ... I can't see it with F6 key and it never hits something. I use a script so I need to test without. But when using GBU-16 no problem. Regards
  9. Hi, is it possible to remove trees from script? I think Object.destroy doesn't work with scenery objects like buildings. And I can't remove any scenery object which has been found by world.searchObjects function. An idea?
  10. Hi Pikey, What do you mean ? only event.id values have changed or there are more changes and in that case, what kind of changes ? Hope it's not too important. I use the enumerator event's id. Thanks in advance.
  11. @Pikey, When an aircraft starts from a map's airbase, its WP 1 has airdromeId entry set to an airbase ID. With the V2.5.5 , airbase:getID() returns the same value then airdromeId. That is not the case with 2.5.6. Now airdromeId corresponds to the index of the table returned by world.getAirbases() for all maps except caucasus where you must add 11 (why, bug suspected) . Try you will see. No change for Helipad But for units (Ships) type this is different : airbase:getID() (Airbase class) for ships returns its ID in a string var. unit:getID() (Unit class) for ships still returns its ID but in a number var. And now when starting from a ship, ex a F18, its WP 1 don't have its airdromeId entry set but its helipadId entry. Hope it's more clear.
  12. Ok after severals tries, for _id, _current in pairs(world.getAirbases()) do -- _current is an Airbase but id management for airbases is changed in 2.5.6 (see below) end _id is used for airdromeId in all maps except caucasus when plane start from map airbase. In caucasus, you have to add 11 to that _id to have the airdromeId So I suspect a bug on Caucasus map.
  13. But that is good for Caucacus, not for persian Map where _id (see loop above) is used .... Strange....
  14. world.getAirbases() Hi, with 2.5.6, scripting function world.getAirbases now returns a list : for _id, _current in pairs(world.getAirbases()) do -- _current is an Airbase but id management for airbases is changed in 2.5.6 (see below) end Ok I understood.... First modification : See my post below, _id on evrery maps except Caucacus where 11 must be added to have airdromeId Second modification : now ship's airbase id is string not number like in previous version, and now uses helipadId not airdromeId when plane orhelo starts on it. But for a ship, the unit ID is number but the same value the the value in the string ID for airbase ID -> so for Stennis by example, it's airbase Id is string (ex '70') and it's unit id is number (70)... not simple Third modification : helipadId is always number, not string like in previous version
  15. Hi Arnaud There s no pb using timer functions and events handler. If you want information write me in MP in french. But you can do that withput mist too. Sunski
  16. Hi Grimes, so if I understood what you said, the best way is to stay at group level for tasks settings and use knowTarget at a unit level ?
  17. Those are mentionned to be group's controller suitable... in the DCS wiki. So interesting. But, how a group or the unit will react if I use pushTask on group's controller to push an AttackGroup then add a pushTask on unit's controller (unit is one of the group) ? or if I do the opposite... knowTarget may be more useful for that or not ? I wil do some tests to be sure that approach is stable with several tasks pushed by different way (group or unit controllers). Of course. I think eagle dynamics works on that actually .. Thanks for your information ;)
  18. And finally Cool, but is it possible to have a list of tasks which are unit's controller suitable ? By the way, I think for attackGroup task, which is a group's controller task, knowTarget is ok to select several unit targets. Is that right?
  19. ATME, Task and group's controller Hi, I read the thread. In ATME, a getByName on a static object works with DCS StaticObject class. For scenery object, only the next version will have its specific class. Be careful, when trying to find such an object in a DCS zone using world,searchObjects, only building will be returned, no bridge for example. The DCS scripting function wiki definies most of tasks to be used with a group's controller. I speak about tasks, not commands. But I saw that for AttackMapObject and Bombing, no precision, so perhaps assign those tasks to a unit's controller is possible. But the wiki may be wrong .... or not updated for group's controller tasks.
  20. Hi, I'm agree with Grimes. It depend of what you want to do. Mist is low level, because it was the first one. Moose and ATME have different approach to users, ATME is more modular in my point of view. I'm the author of ATME, and the V1.47 have some problems corrected in a new version actually in test. If you want informations do not hesitate. Sunski
  21. After more tests, all returned objects have attributes set to "Buildings". No Bridge returned or other !!!! Seems that 's not working :(
  22. Hi, Happy new year folks. I have a problem with SceneryObject type. The result of world.searchObjects using Object.Category.SCENERY is ok, I have the objects. But when using getDesc and getLife functions script is stopped during the call of those functions. When I use SceneryObject.getDescByName on the same objects (using getName) then its ok I have the description datas. But in log, during the call of that function I have 2020-01-01 06:42:03.291 ERROR wInfo: can't open Objects[82510332] table 2020-01-01 06:42:03.291 ERROR GRAPHICSVISTA: Can't open model 82510332. 82510332 is the name of current object, ok. The detail of the returned table is : 2020-01-01 06:42:03.291 INFO SCRIPTING: key 'life' - Type number : 0 2020-01-01 06:42:03.291 INFO SCRIPTING: table 'attributes' listing 2020-01-01 06:42:03.291 INFO SCRIPTING: key 'Buildings' - Type boolean : True 2020-01-01 06:42:03.291 INFO SCRIPTING: key '_origin' - Type string : 2020-01-01 06:42:03.291 INFO SCRIPTING: key 'category' - Type number : 4 2020-01-01 06:42:03.291 INFO SCRIPTING: key 'typeName' - Type string : 82510332 2020-01-01 06:42:03.291 INFO SCRIPTING: key 'displayName' - Type string : desc.life is strange... value = 0 but building ok. Finaly, destroy function doesn't work, buildings are still visible. An idea? Thanks
  23. Salut, Depuis nos travaux ensemble, nous avons bien avancé mais pas encore publié. Ce sera la V2.0.0, qui reprend ce que nous avions vu ensemble. Si tu veux contacte moi par mail ou ici en MP. Je peux te donner la version de travail actuelle. J'espère une publication courant Janvier, je travaille actuellement sur la doc. Beaucoup de corrections, des nouveaux concepts ... A suivre donc... même si j'ai pris du retard par rapport à mes objectifs initiaux (entre travail, famille...). A bientot. Et bonnes fêtes de fin d'année. Sun
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