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  1. Bonjour à tous, Après une (très) longue période entre boulot et refonte ATME, nous pouvons enfin vous annoncer la nouvelle version dont les tests sur DCS 2.5.6 sont quasiment finalisés. L'arrivée de DCS 2.7 va nous conduire à retester mais s'il n'y a pas de remise en cause profonde (ou bugs) de l'interface lua DCS nous pensons pouvoir publier la version 2.01 d'ATME d'ici fin mai. Il conserve sa polyvalence et notamment le fait de créer des missions opérationnelles en mono et multi joueurs directement. Bien sur, lua doit être connu et maîtrisé pour être efficace. ATME a
  2. Hi, When using trigger.action.radioTransmission on the exact position of the player who ears that frequency, sound is not complete and sometimes no sound. When the position in horizontal plan is at min 1m (x or z), no problem. Strange bug. Bug confirm with the very simple mission below. It's not due to a time offset or due to the first emit but really only on the position. Thanks. BugTransmit.miz
  3. Hi, When HMD is off, when in ACM Mode, you can choose directly to WACQ Mode with SCS LEFT or VACQ mode with SCS LEFT. But... when HMD is on, when in ACM Mode, you still can choose directly WACQ Mode with SCS LEFT but not directly VACQ mode with SCS AFT (no change). But, if you press SCS LEFT first (WACQ mode), then you can choose VACQ Mode with SCS AFT. Is there a problem?
  4. Hi, I did some tests with my HP Reverb. My config is 2080Ti, 9700K, 32GB, SSD. I upgraded my RAM frequency (from 2133MHz CL15 to 3266MHz CL14, overclock done by ASUS motherboard XMP profile and set to extrem performances, no manual overclocking). The result was a real boost of fps !! so now what I can say about my own experience : 1- When HP Reverb setting is 90Hz, I still have a ghost image even if I close one eye, so that is like having 2 images in one (for DCS object like planes) ! No problem when setting is 60Hz. In other hand, 90Hz seems to be smoother than 60Hz. Strange 2-
  5. Hi, I tried using TPOD in A/A mod. When selecting A/A weapon (AIM120 for example), Master Arm on, A/A Mode of course, lock a target in STT Mode with analog TDC (X/Y), I can slave the TPOD (DDI Left) by pression RRSLV. That's ok But, when I unlock the target (Radar SOI, undesignate in RWS), and I want to use TDC on FLIR screen (DDI Left), TDC cannot move right or left, just up or down is Ok. Is that normal, because of A/A Mode? Of course, no problem using FLIR on right DDI, in A/G Mode, TDC can move in all directions. Same for Radar in A/A or A/G mode. So that's not a assign problem
  6. addGroup is a lua function to spawn new AI groups at a specific location. But to do that, you have to know lua language and scripting in DCS. It's not very hard if you have development skills but DCS specific constraints have to be known. Here s link for DCS Scripting functions https://wiki.hoggitworld.com/view/Category:Functions Late activation doesn't add new groups. Those groups exist when mission starts. Sunski
  7. After testing, trees are not found by searchObjects function. Only building are found. Sunski
  8. Hi, I know that function.... but... when I tested it that a fews month ago, it didn't work... Only buildings where found, not trees. You 're sure that works now ? And we can find all scenery objects using that searchObjects function? I will try Sunski
  9. yes and this functionnality cannot be scripted :(:( This should be helpful for random helo missions clearing random areas. Sunski
  10. Salut, tes questions sont très vastes pour ne pas dire trop vastes. Il convient de mieux cibler. Pour les commandes, la structure est assez simple et peut être modifiée pour par exemple avoir un comportement spécifique non proposé par défaut. Il faut travailler sur le fichier config soucis et clavier. Le mieux sur ce point est de créer une arborescence identique par recopie du répertoire DCS, supprimer ce qui est inutile puis utiliser JSGME. Ainsi tu ne polues pas les mises à jour futures. Ces fichiers sont lus au démarrage de DCS. Pour les scripts lua lié à des missions. Le lua es
  11. You've right ! I noticed that when testing a function to get a random position with conditions of flat and altitude. When I do nothing in DCS, except getting positions, there's a biais. Grimes in a post said you should add lines math.random in a script to be sure it's really random. You can't reset the generator because os library is sanitized. https://forums.eagle.ru/showpost.php?p=2638821&postcount=3 So I created a small timer to do a math.random at math.random repeated delay fixed between .2 et 1 second. That's better now. But the best way is to have a reset generator possibiliy
  12. I've got the same problem but not permanent.... Try to set MSAA to Off restart the game. Set in VR section MSAA Mask to 0.1, thant set MSAA to x2.... Restart the game, that works for me...
  13. +1, same for me with F18. Only one plane and one supercarrier PS: If you fly at very low altitude over the supercarrier, you will have the same problem ... just over.... like a flash. If you're on the deck (cat 1), you can have only one eye active ... when looking to the super structure (island) in a particular angle.
  14. Hi, Thanks for you congratulation !! ;) Pretty cool that exactly what I want to respond. You have lap time. I work on a new version more precise. If you want more informations write me in MP. Sunski
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