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  1. I agree. Kills the whole 'shoot and scoot' tactic when they can't move reliably.
  2. http://www.476vfightergroup.com/downloads.php?do=file&id=405
  3. Looks like a good fix, ED. Thanks!
  4. Here's one, BN. Of note is the Slinky effect on assignment of new waypoints, along with the random formations. Group_test.trk
  5. Wonderful. I did enjoy the lack of Tapatalk spam while it lasted. Sigh. Who cares what you use on what device to post, endlessly?
  6. https://forums.eagle.ru/announcement.php?f=&a=104
  7. Thanks Grimes, that does do the job in this particular case.
  8. You are correct, trying 96 for the 8 vehicles in my track, they do reload. And then do nothing about it. My fire at point task has disappeared and I'm left baby sitting the group, unless as a Tactical Commander I move the fire point. This is changed behavior from the stable with no logic behind it that I can discern. I want the units to fire 24/7 without intervention, which was the case prior to this update. m270_test.trk
  9. Grimes, setting the rounds expended to 999 produces the same result - no rearming unless you enter the vehicle and command it. Definitely changed behavior.
  10. Thanks for looking, Flappie.
  11. Attached is a track where a group of M270s fire against a large group of T-90s. 2 M818s, one part of the M270 group and one standing nearby, used to be enough to get them to rearm automatically (either way worked). Now, I have to jump into each unit and RALT + \ to jump start the rearming. Newly created mission in the current open beta. m270_test.trk
  12. Thanks. This is what I get for running stable, I guess. The change seems recent.
  13. As is F7. Isn't that a recent change?
  14. Could you show your VA edit screen where you set up this config? I've been dreaming of doing this exact config for a while, with no luck thus far. Thanks.
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