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  1. You know, I've had this happen to me once or twice years ago. Steep high altitude dive with idle throttles, didn't go negative G, engines flamed out.
  2. IIRC one the unlabeled buttons on the CDU is a markpoint delete button on the newer A-10s. It appears we didn't get that feature with the upgrade, perhaps @Snoopy could chime in if it's something it should have and hopefully ED could implement it someday.
  3. FWIW I'm pretty sure those are RWR antennas. The MWS sensors are on the wingtips and tail.
  4. Never experienced this. If you adjust controls while flying it will forget about switches that are already on, but I've never had them "time out" while just flying for hours.
  5. They are plain Eaton brand toggle switches with caps that I made and glued on.
  6. It's supposed to stay centered, just like the real one stays centered over your eye.
  7. I don't see how that would be correct in the future either, because it doesn't describe how to stop or start programs...
  8. You can make it a JSGME mod like any other mod, it's really no trouble at all.
  9. I know how the controls and settings work. Since I haven't tried it in years, I just set up a quick test against a Tor, with no jamming it fired on me at 8 miles, with jamming (SAM2) it fired at 6.9. Jamming by itself, without chaff, didn't appear to disrupt the missile guidance at all. Perhaps when used with chaff it works better than just chaff or jammer by themselves? I maintain an extra 2 AIM-9s is more useful in a typical MP threat environment. If I find myself messing with the bull where I shouldn't be, I'd much rather terrain mask to get close to my target than using a jammer up high
  10. IME the jammer pods are total junk. They will let you get slightly closer, so the threat can more easily kill you :rolleyes: Haven't hung that dead weight under my aircraft in years.
  11. Been a while since I made the video so maybe it isn't clear, but instead of "device_commands.Button_4", you need "3004", instead of "device_commands.Button_6" you need 3006, ect. You also don't need multiple bindings for a 2 way switch, it should be a single binding that tells it to turn off when your toggle switch is off. In the same folder you find clickabledata, you will find a list of cockpit device IDs.
  12. This has been known about forever, the devs have just ignored it.
  13. I don't care about the new theme/design. However the layout is horrifically bad.
  14. Those commands are not compatible with value_up and value_down. I go over this exact problem and how to create commands that are compatible in this video.
  15. Of course. Do you know if it's possible on our end to create a left and right keybind though? Like many other modules that support keybinds to move knobs left or right one step at a time like he would need for using an encoder. I'm pretty well versed in the clicakbledata and default.lua stuff, but I've never tried to do this type of command.
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