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  1. Directory in saved games must have a new structure, otherwise it works only half of the audio mode. Mods\Aircraft\Uh-1H\Sounds (The underlined path is omitted) Combine everything into a single directory.
  2. Hi, would it be possible to share some pictures of the project, thank you.
  3. Hi, I'm really glad that the project is in development. How to create a basic template? Please add control the RPM on the axis. Thank you for the update of the AH-6J.
  4. In the last beta is a better framerate, it only applies to the default shadow and the view of the island. Still in the course of service on the board occurs framerate drops mission cold start.
  5. I remember when she came out N44, was due to bad optimization for a few months useless, and today works above 60 fps.
  6. Hi, I was interested in the difference framerate when set High against Low presets. I used the basic mission of the cold start as a benchmark, which takes 1:45s long. Data are from the internal Bench test MSI Afterburner. Can you please try, there are significant frame drops in time 1 min, thank you. Extra setting: Resolution = 2560 x 1440 SSLR = Off Mirror = Off Setting preset High. 11-06-2020, 20:26:28 DCS.exe benchmark completed, 6379 frames rendered in 104.849 s Average framerate : 60.8 FPS Minimum framerate : 13.4 FPS Maximum framerate : 84.4 FPS 1% low framerate : 14.1 FPS 0.1% low framerate : 12.9 FPS Setting preset Low. 11-06-2020, 20:44:51 DCS.exe benchmark completed, 10613 frames rendered in 101.432 s Average framerate : 104.6 FPS Minimum framerate : 21.5 FPS Maximum framerate : 164.5 FPS 1% low framerate : 23.0 FPS 0.1% low framerate : 20.1 FPS SupercarrierBench.trk
  7. When testing this bug affects the Supercarrier. The borrowed track file time of 1:34s, aircraft ready right at the catapult just after the start subsequently fall down fps to 20 frames. Hot-fix x:\Xxx\DCS World 2.5\Config\Effects\ParticleSystem2\ExhaustTrailAir.Lua Please ED fix this unpleasant feature.
  8. petsild

    radar alt

    The value of the device have no light brightness.
  9. Minimum system requirements ED for SC are outside the usable reality. Even RTX 2060 would not be appropriate due to the limitations of 6Gb vram.
  10. It's about the intersection of the light source into the cargo space! Quick mission landing on the oil rig. I checked it and it's not fixed.
  11. I read the thread from the beginning, that's why I wrote where is your bottleneck in performance.
  12. I wish I could get a constant 60 fps. Too much detail makes the Supercarrier module for future hw. Track file would serve as a reference benchmark, where everybody had the same conditions to compare performance.
  13. I almost wanted to celebrate, but :( unfortunately it's not fixed.
  14. I remember 5 years ago I used to use the GTX 970 as a good card as well in DCS performance was weak. Your video card has worse performance and you want it to fully handle Supercarrier? Create a track file together with the settings that you are currently using.
  15. Use default shadows instead of flat.
  16. Great solution, which is :) IC ready, much thanks for the mod.
  17. On the Supercarrier I have better fps when the shadows of objects set default than flat. You have the same experience with the shadow?
  18. Still is an animation of the propeller bad, @NineLine are internal information about the repair.thank you.
  19. A year has passed and months from reported the defects the mirrors https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=228516 and still no effort ED to fix useful function. After the release of the Supercarrier module for a much better flight experience, the mirrors are indispensable. I did a demonstration where the first half of the record shows image distortion and nonsensical viewing angle bad mirrors. The second half of the video, as it looks awesome when they work correctly. Mirror in the Hornet has more bugs, which I will add later. CRhcNuCR-ok
  20. It manifests itself since the release of the Hornet, the polygons overlap because they are not in the plane.
  21. I let go of the track files and it is similar to another problem:https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=265097 Edit: I did a simple test, limitations of smoke eliminates 90% frame drops on the Supercarrier. x:\Xxx\DCS World 2.5\Config\Effects\ParticleSystem2\ExhaustTrailAir.Lua
  22. I'm against the previous beta +6 fps, no big miracle, but I'm glad.
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