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  1. Hi, when I use the mod LRP fps got even worse and every 2s tearing animation of the propeller.
  2. Re: Uploaded an old favorite stable driver 368.69 for GTX970 as it randomly crashed. I did more underclocking of the graphics 1204 MHz and yet shortly the same thing. I keep the extra log from Afterburner.
  3. I'm using the Nvidia graphics driver 376.48 so I'll try to get the older 36X.xx and I'll let you know. Pet
  4. Re: Again the Spitfire 3x is dropped, with no other module I don't have so many problems.
  5. Re log All created logs. Logs.zip
  6. C0000005 ACCESS_VIOLATION Hi, today my module fell off and if he found a solution thank you. Pet # -------------- 20170101-173420 -------------- # C0000005 ACCESS_VIOLATION at F4BF6BA7 00:00000000 00000000 00000000 0000:00000000 F4BF6BA7 0024EB70 0000:00000000 D3DKMTCloseAdapter()+9E17F E635CAF7 0024EC20 0000:00000000 ?createRasterizerState@DX11Renderer@RenderAPI@@UEAA?AV?$Ptr@UIRasterizerState@RenderAPI@@UDefaultDeleter@ed@@@ed@@AEAURasterizerStateDesc@2@@Z()+41F77 E635D2AF 0024ECD0 0000:00000000 ?createRasterizerState@DX11Renderer@RenderAPI@@UEAA?AV?$Ptr@UIRasterizerState@RenderAPI@@UDefaultDeleter@ed@@@ed@@AEAURasterizerStateDesc@2@@Z()+4272F E635A479 0024ED00 0000:00000000 ?createRasterizerState@DX11Renderer@RenderAPI@@UEAA?AV?$Ptr@UIRasterizerState@RenderAPI@@UDefaultDeleter@ed@@@ed@@AEAURasterizerStateDesc@2@@Z()+3F8F9 E6316693 0024ED60 0000:00000000 ?draw@DX11Renderer@RenderAPI@@UEAAXHPEAUIShader@2@W4PRIMTYPE_ENUM@render@@HHHPEBD@Z()+293 E5C9F15D 0024EDB0 0000:00000000 ?testWithModel@NGModelLods@model@@UEAA_NAEBVMatrixd@osg@@PEBVIModelParams@2@AEAVIModel@2@01AEAV?$basic_string@D@ed@@3AEAVVec3d@4@444@Z()+BC0D E88A4CBD 0024EDE0 0000:00000000 ?DrawFlatShadows@RenderParserImpl@@QEAAXXZ()+9D E88A7FFB 0024EE40 0000:00000000 ?drawDots@RenderParserImpl@@QEAAXXZ()+273B E88A7C07 0024EE70 0000:00000000 ?drawDots@RenderParserImpl@@QEAAXXZ()+2347 E88C5BA6 0024F4E0 0000:00000000 ?Render@SceneManager_Implement@@UEAAXXZ()+F86 3FEC6D9F 0024F550 0000:00000000 3FECE4C1 0024F5B0 0000:00000000 3FEBC354 0024F5E0 0000:00000000 3FEBC2A4 0024F610 0000:00000000 3FB9743F 0024FCC0 0000:00000000 3FFD2ABD 0024FD00 0000:00000000 76D459CD 0024FD30 0000:00000000 BaseThreadInitThunk()+D 76E7A561 0024FD80 0000:00000000 RtlUserThreadStart()+21
  7. High zoom At high zoom through the hud I will fall brutally fps. It doesn't matter if čumál is directed to the ground or into the sky. It's about the animation of the propeller and some kind of graphic effect. Another module this does not suffer.
  8. sounds of the engine Unpleasant defect mute the sound of the engine... why fix it takes so long?
  9. Hi, I found a small bug with the Mig-15, the quick start or the creator of the mission (start from the air), after the first upload of the mission, the sound of the engine works correctly, but when using the reboot (Shift+R), no engine sound in cockpit, external view is free of defects. The error manifests itself only in the module Mig-15. Otherwise this is a wonderful machine fancy thank you hi. Pet
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