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  1. The brakes work normally, you can provide a trk file.
  2. Hi, The new V1.5 update is another move to the real Gripen, in addition, functional mirrors have been restored, which is great, please continue your fantastic work. Pet
  3. I found and started using this ingenious utility. It has simple and fully functional settings for the radio menu. Source: https://forums.eagle.ru/topic/158575-dcs-menu-nav/
  4. After installing the mode, I insert the pilot into the mission in the editor, but after launching no unit is visible and I have no control over it.
  5. Hi, Great idea to board the plane, how to properly install to version 2.7, thank you very much. Pet Edit: I put the Pilot Ground folder in the mods directory of saved games. But after inserting the unit into the mission, I do not have the opportunity to control the pilot.
  6. Thank you for the information, you mean this mission: https://forums.eagle.ru/topic/88646-uh-1h-missions/?do=findComment&comment=3984450
  7. I almost succeeded. I kept one live pilot in the helicopter for a few seconds.
  8. Strange, are you in arcade or simulation mode?
  9. Hi, did anyone think of controlling the radio communication menu via joystick buttons? The VKBDevCfg setting options look limitless.
  10. You are binding in the correct column of the device?
  11. I use Autounhook exclusively, my load has always been unclipped on any object.
  12. Push - function is not implemented.
  13. Hi, can you @Bignewy please update the information, thank you very much. Pet
  14. The embedded file full description.lua will not work for you! It can be helpful for you what needs to be adjusted. You have a lot of errors in the log, do you use BMP textures instead of DDS format?
  15. Need to check current description.lua. description.lua
  16. Hi Holton181, I like to ask if you add similar functions to the Hind module? 'Toggle External Cargo Camera' 'Cargo View' It would definitely help more people, thank you for your response. Pet
  17. I don't know a better setting than the default one.
  18. SMAA is in the basic ReShade package, also the most useful filter of all.
  19. You can try SMAA, it works well as an MSAA supplement.
  20. Hi, So many useful and detailed cargo in one package, I admire the author of such a large project and a big thank you.
  21. I modified the Lego design to 2V1 device, now I have the option to easily convert to collective control.
  22. At some distance, these anomalies can be seen in the clouds. This is exacerbated by the reduction in cloud quality.
  23. Compatibility mode is set only for DCS.exe.
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