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  1. Great stuff RedKite, follow you regularly on YT...clear concise, to the point
  2. My sentiments exactly, darker than a well-diggers ass, can't even find the Emer Spot Light now.
  3. With all the dents in my forehead I just got to source those extra thumbs...
  4. @ Razor18...if you mean Target, nope...only DCS, VoiceAttack & Viacom running this show. For some reason I suspected it's either VoiceAttack & Viacom...but things got weirder. @Harker....no to Target and I'm clearing out all entries for F-12 now, whether they are visible or not. There as a bunch of crap assigned to the MFDs that were irrelevant so I removed them. @LeCuvier...never even knew about that 'UI Layer' but have cleared out all entries that even looked weird. After all this it's getting real bizarre: A-10 is still all good on all missions F/A-18 & F-16 are still a mess, but when using the Throttle COMM hat, the Up action does nothing, all other 3 actions results in 'bouncing' to views of every location I have placed a flight (friendly - enemy - static) in this mission. Here's the REALLY bizarre part; this problem is somehow MISSION dependent!!!! I just threw together a simple mission with all 3 A/Cs starting HOT at Batumi and the Throttle COMM hat functioned the same (correctly) as the A-10 has forever. Then I went back to another existing mission that had all 3 A/Cs and I'm back to A-10 GOOD, the 2 fighters BAD. WTF?!?!?!?!?!? How can this be problem dependent on the missions? Appreciate all of your input....hehehehe....I'm getting closer...somehow:megalol:
  5. That's actually not a bad idea...I do have an iPad laying around but can't stand the thought of Apple software on this computer ever again. I'll have to look into a Android, thanks for the suggestion For anyone else interested, here is a link to Google AppStore https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ihopiworks.hornetdevice&hl=en Cheers,
  6. @Razor19....YES..that's what I'm saying. On the Control page the A-10 has NO response to input from the Throttle COMMS hat but it works perfectly. On the Control page both the F/A-18 & F-16 have immediate response to input from the Throttle COMMS hat and it goes to the 'F-12 Static Object View' line. And there is NO setting in either fighter on that particular line under the Throttle section or any other section other than Keyboard. So where might this be coming from ?
  7. @majapahit, Config button down right 'Male HTML" and you can stroll the bindings I'm reading that and thought WTF keyboard is he using...never seen that key before:megalol: Then the light went on:doh: Hehehehe....thanks...got it done and sorting out the list now Cheers,
  8. @Razor18, You are correct so far my friend, the A-10 does does not have any response to the COMM hat on my throttle. Both the F/A-18 & F-16 go straight to 'F-12 Static Object View' although the throttle COMM hat has no assignment in that spot. Any clue how to rid myself of this issue, where could this F12 command be coming from? I only use 1 profile for Vaicom/VA [VAICOM v2.0 A-10C-Profile.vap] for all aircraft as they share all the common commands. Would this make any difference? Appreciate the assistance
  9. Agree on the JSOW...not enough punch for the money. The other issue with them is they are so susceptible to SAM defense (in DCS), so while they may be great for a undefended RADAR sites they're shit if any Tors or Tunguskas are in the neighborhood. I'm not sure why anyone would leave a RADAR site unprotected. Going back to the original post question of 'JDAM vs. LGBs', I think it's all about the mission targets and how to plan an effective outcome. I'm sure many flights have been redirected when it was recognized that they had the wrong 'hardware solution'.
  10. Since I first acquired the F/A-18 I've been very dissatisfied with the way the Maverick worked with the TDC, especially the TDC Depress. Recently I just mapped the TDC Depress to the RECCE Event button (A-10 Master Mode) and found that quite a bit more functional...and I saw no reason for RECCE at this time.
  11. I have a TM Warthog HOTAS with Vaicom/VA and set up a HOTAS profile like others in forum. I have a strange issue I can't seem to sort out. When I use the HOTAS COMS hat (right side - top) I get Views of airfields, carrier, rescue chopper interior, etc. I DO hear a radio click but it does not accept voice commands...but it just toggles thru Views. There are NO Views setup in Option-Controls for any device other than Keyboard, except 'Enable visual recon mode' on Mouse_BTN2 (I'm not even sure what that does) The setup is the same on the A-10C but it worked flawlessly for years. To top it off, the F-16 setup is doing the same bloody thing...I can't use HOTAS COMS in either fighter. :cry: Anybody got an ideas of how to solve? Appreciate the help!
  12. I prefer the JDAMs for most my ground pounding because you can chuck one (depending on altitude) for 20+/- miles in at 35,000 ft. in an F/A-18. Talk about 'shoot-n-scoot'! A fun challenge is to target a RADAR install at the practice range airfield north of Batumi and see if you can be WOW at Batumi before it hits :megalol:
  13. There is no flashlight in the A-10, you can hold down 'L' long enough for sunrise but no light is coming on by a default keystroke. The LAlt-L key stroke from the F/A-18 is what I've bound to the Emer Flood Light...that is barely enough light but at least you can find your way to get Battery power up and running. That routine should be migrated to every A/C in the 'fleet' over time.
  14. Regarding 'set for Hostile instead of All', this does not seem to affect the HUD display, I'm still seeing my home fleet 70+ miles away in the rear-view mirror. I also had that set and fired off a HARM in SP (Self-Protection) mode; that bastard made a U-turn and head back toward 'the boat' also. Thankfully it didn't have the legs but I would assume one of the other ships would have taken it out:music_whistling:
  15. Ok, since this is not a new trick can anyone direct me to a list of ALL of the default keyboard bindings so I can find an empty spot. My limited experience with the Orbweaver allows macros based on keyboard strokes so as USMC Trev mentioned, I need to bind them on my own.
  16. EAF602 Red....THANK YOU....after all this time and frustration I finally have the answer to my problems. There were some conflicts on my Warthog HOTAS Throttle but this was the clue to clean it up. :megalol:
  17. Simple question...are there keybinds for the UFC Function Buttons such as A/P, IFF, TACAN, etc.... If Yes, I would like to try adding macros to my Razer Orbweaver and get rid of another series of mouse-clicks if possible. A single keystroke (macro) of A/P > BALT (or ATTH) would relieve the stresses of my overly worked (under skilled) cockpit management:cry: Please advise,
  18. I was on the Batumi tarmac, cold & dark the other night in my freshly renovated A-10. Couldn't find a thing, especially the Emergency Floodlight Switch. A relatively simple fix would be....ADD a FLASHLIGHT function like we have in the F/A-18. I'm a business analyst software developer and nowhere near the genius of the DCS guys/gals. But is this a really complex function to migrate from the F/A-18? On the other hand, a quick work-around for you that are a tad miffed about it....bind the LAlt-L to the Emergency Flood Switch. I tried that on my keyboard and Razer Orbweaver and did not crash either the plane or the program :) But seriously, what self-respecting A-10 pilot climbs in his/her Hog without a FLASHLIGHT?
  19. This Mav slew has been quite frustrating since the F/A-18 joined the club...several iterations and videos later I still can't get the Mav-F to even slew. WYPDSG get it's really close but I can't move it and it won't lock. Me think my Warthog settings are completely screwed up with all the changes...slewing any other sensor works fine. Could someone share their Warthog settings, especially related to this weapon? Thanks in advanced
  20. Definitely see a performance hit with new cockpit....still working on how to make adjustments. I used to get in excess of 60fps and now it's flipping between 28 to 35. I can get +50 if I stare outside at the ocean on some missions :lol: F/A-18 still rumbling at +/-60 most the time. Whereas it appears that VR flyers appreciate the new cockpit AND I do appreciate all the effort by DCS to give us this new texture, I wish we cold have the option to retain the old one. I kinda like the 'worn in' effect.
  21. I'm flying 2d (TrackIR TrackClipPro) and these my results; ** Ejection Seat right pull handle blocks view of left-most keys on CDU and first column of numeric keys without leaning heavily. ** Ejection Seat left pull handle blocks view of all the right-most throttle panel controls including APU, Eng Oper & Fuel Flows. **HUD view totally out of whack; can't see top of screen **Seat position requires a lot of up/down to compensate and still too far away from front panels. **get a very narrow 'tunnel vision' experience of cockpit looking forward. **tried to adjust Snapviews and still need more work. Can't figure out how to adjust my default position; appreciate some help on that. Whereas it appears that VR flyers appreciate the new cockpit AND I do appreciate all the effort by DCS to give us this new texture, I wish we cold have the option to retain the old one. I kinda like the 'worn in' effect.
  22. NWS off for me works fine on landing initial touchdown and thru about 60kts. I'm doing roughly the same on T/Os I find the TM TPRs way too delicate and touchy so far. @mikemadmax20....can you advise me on your TPR settings so I can dial these boys down a bit?
  23. With so many iterations of various weapons and updated systems including Mavericks, S/A page, and complicated RADAR, I've gotten so confused and disillusioned that I had to take a break from the Hornet; needed some flying time with the old reliable A-10. I wish there were some YT videos recently updated that could/would tie all this together.
  24. @WINWING.....is there going to be a CN public release event soon? I'm in Shanghai and might want to attend.
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