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  1. Is it possible to set an AI E2 Hawkeye launch from a specific CAT at mission start, or even delayed b xxx seconds as an Event? I noticed that if I set MY aircraft to Take Off from Runway, I get moved over to CAT 2. Can I set which CAT for either aircraft. I would really like to launch BEHIND the AI E2 Hawkeye on CAT 3 if possible....for the effects of the mission, storyline, immersion. If it matters...this Single player mission has no spawning later in the mission from the CVN.
  2. Unless I missed it somewhere, it would be great if we could lock/unlock units after we place them (and their waypoints) and are satisfied. With all the waypoint displayed it get a pretty messy when you click and Delete 1 waypoint and find out you did the wrong unit(s). Or maybe be able to build and organize in layers...like an Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator project. It would only affect Mission Editor, not even be visible to the DCS.exe And finally, UNDO...I'm sure everybody has been asking for this editing feature!!!!
  3. I'm not sure what you mean by 'atomic write' but a option for a 'versioning' system would be great whereas it saves in increments.
  4. Have you tried the COMS menu....I think there is a 'Request Launch' or similar in there. I've had this happen until I discovered that.
  5. @Grimes.....trying that now....it seems that the logic should be that the smaller groups and their waypoints are actually the templates that fit into the 'big picture' since most my zones and triggers are in the big one. Am I close????
  6. AH............that's a lifesaver, I'll give it a try Thank you very much...
  7. Can you merge 2 missions if they are on same Terrain? Simple Example: Mission #1 - has 1 F/A-18 on Carrier (Caucasus) with a flight plan of 3 points to land at Batumi. Mission #2 - has 1 A-10II at Vaziani with flight plan of 3 points to land at Sukhumi. Exactly same Start time, weather...all other variables. The reason I ask is that in the learning curve of missions I sometime test an idea or concept then want to incorporate in the 'big picture'. So I might have 3 different 'beta' missions I would like to merge. I'm sure it's not a function but is it something that a little NotePad++ could do?
  8. @AG-51_Razor......yes, all good for me also now. I'm an amateur at this 'skinning' thing but learned some things here. I love the hummer Follow Me but another Follow Me in another MOD (Civil_Objects_JR_1.95) works much better at night with flashing lights. I got a whole line of 5 driving down the runway...looks cool as shit!!!
  9. Yes sir, that's where it is.... your timing is impeccable. Can you enroll me in the next 'Skins for MORONS' seminar, and maybe 'Mission Building for MORONS'.....having no experience with 'skinning' I didn't even think to look at PAINT SCHEME. You are a gentleman & scholar
  10. @AG-51_Razor......I have same result, you want to share your solution with us? I admit my ignorance of skins; I'm not finding the "Follow Me Yellow" in the ME.
  11. Thanks to both of you for your responses/suggestions. You've got me thinking about what MODS to possibly include (if necessary) and their availability. I understand the reluctance of some in loading up MODS and the consequences that might be involved. A couple quick questions: * Rudel_chw - I see the Civil Aircrafts Mod v0.081.7, does it contain any smaller aircraft or are they all commercial? If YES, can you point me to a d/l location? * sirrah - you certainly are not off topic, would be great if ED could/would include more in the core product for us that want to increase interests in creating missions. It would also be nice if there was a better method to organize, catalog and display all this in the mission editor by era, by country, by armed/unarmed, etc. Either of you know of a simple standalone viewer for EDM files so one could efficiently look thru a directory to find an object? Not looking to edit the EDM, just get a view of it with textures. Thanks again,
  12. Ah....got it...I've never survived battle damage in the F/A-18 . In the A-10 had a lot of vigorous flights home nursing just about everything, and I see your point. It seems impossible to keep up with the forum and YT video, but I wonder if anyone has put out a procedural list of what would be the proper/standard DDI/AMPCD setup for different phases of the flight, like Cold Start, Taxi/Takeoff, Approach, Landing and Taxi?
  13. @Hulkbust44.....regarding DDIs. I'm curious why I would have 1 DDI showing HUD when I got a HUD right in front of my face with much better spatial awareness and perception....especially during daylight ops? I think HSI and FCS would be the most appropriate , but if there is reason-logic for that please let me know. I'll listen to anything that improves my flying and establishes good practice(s) and routines.
  14. I'm trying to build a series of Single Player missions (eventually a campaign if possible) that does NOT involve 'near peer' adversaries; more of insurgents and a small warlord bad guys. Some enemy air defenses will be employed for added enjoyment and to provide some challenge, perhaps some limited enemy older air forces as I go. To this end I need some help in getting resources for the immersion aspect. Does anyone know of a MOD(s) of general modern civilian static objects such as helicopters-smaller private aircraft, road vehicles? Note: I've seen 'Civil Objects', I'm not looking municipal-airport vehicles or commercial aircraft. Think DC-3/C-47 or smaller for drug runners or black market weapons delivery; static is fine, AI even better. Does anyone know of a MOD (or method) of static 'terrains' such as grass, roadways, concrete? Ex: How can I build a road to a compound on green grass that might have an asphalt or concrete helipad? Can I make a simple 2D for some of these things with available tools like Adobe Illustrator for colors & textures? I don't want to complicate things too much initially so I can keep my focus; it's the storyline that is just as important as well as the parameters pilots needs to follow for these covert missions. Any guidance and/or directions to resources would be appreciated...
  15. Can someone direct me to where I can get information on setting up a mission with Prowler loitering? What kind of COMS info can an allied pilot get from a Prowler (text, verbal, etc)? Does the Prowler act just like a JTAC? Can a Prowler laser or IR spot a target? I'm happy to have the Prowler instruct the pilot to the target area and if possible spot the target, (not necessarily for LGBs) Appreciate the help, an existing mission or just pointing me in the right direction. Thanks, fly safe...
  16. That's quite a piece of hardware, could you use that as a flight stick for a WWII aircraft where you may not want all the extra HOTUS features?
  17. @Morpheus.....thanks very much for your help and extensive instructions for a fix. I learned a lot about missions, MIZ and LUAs in this little exercise. Really appreciate the schooling.
  18. @Morpheus....I don't think I have the right 'civil_objects' ......the one I have (and doesn't show loading properly) is Civil_Objects_JR_1.95.zip. Is there an updated one required for this mission? Thanks
  19. @Rudel_chw...thank you sir, that took care of item #1, I look forward to using-seeing this mod. Any clue on 'civil_object' required by Operation False Disguise ( philipMbatista-4/30/2021)? I greatly appreciate your contributions & support of this community.
  20. @Morpheus....thanks for the reply. I read thru your suggestion, D/L'd the VPC & VPC fix(2.7) and that all resulted in 2 issues: 1) DCS reports on originally loading that VPC in not authorized and will be disabled. 2) Inspection of the MOD has no reference to 'civil_object' that I can find. So I'm not sure why I needed the VPC mod AND how do I get it 'authorized' OR is there something else I'm missing here. Thanks again,
  21. A-10.....learn how to do it all and appreciate the fidelity of this beast. As much as I like flying the F/A-18, the Hawg is very special because it's a machine you get to fly, you have to fly, and you learn about flying. From cold start thru avionics, navigation, weapons (more on that later) to an understanding of strategies, the Hawg beats them all. When you get 'hit' in an F/A-18 it is game over, but the Hawg tells you to 'fly me home, I'm good for another round'...and you proudly manage it. Weapons...she'll carry a couple tons of bad-ass to kill damn near anything, and you get to learn all the ways to get it done; which weapon, which strategy...low & slow. You get to appreciate the truth of why troops on the ground adore this beast...which can really add motivation & emersion to your experience and SIM flights. Sure, you can go fast & sexy (F/A-18 / F-16), pickle 4 and dash home OR you can hang around and watch the chaos you created while adding more beat down to the bad guys. ***This message was approved by .........anyone that likes to create battle field chaos and enjoys the view***
  22. Can I jump in here and ask a relevant question about file locations since you're on the subject? I recently D/L'd 2 mission files DCS User files; Operation Deep Strike & Operation False Disguise. Deep Strike loaded and worked fine but 'False Disguise' failed when loading with 'Need modules for load mission: Civil_Objects'. I D/L's 'Civil Objects' (Civil_Objects_JR_1.95.zip) and installed per instructions in: C:\Users\YOUR-NAME\Saved Games\DCS\Mods\tech\ I also 'loaded' this as MOD using OvGME & JSGME to no success; the resulting Syria map is completely empty. Anybody got a clue as to where I messed up?
  23. No, they're not....most of us haven't successfully passed naval aviator flight school...or any other flight school for that matter. We're here to have fun, enjoy a passion, and just fly. Just because you, apparently a MENSA member and an Academy big league prospect can 'get it' doesn't mean that the rest of us mere mortals learn at the same rate, through the same tools or methods. You joining this thread with a condescending 'this one still going on?' doesn't add anything constructive or helpful to a usually supportive community and really isn't appreciated. If you have nothing constructive, positive or enlightening to add, go join the 'fighter aircraft realistic seat fabric' thread and postulate your worldly knowledge and vision. But thanks for playin'
  24. @draconus....now there's fresh and helpful idea...thanks. I followed your implied suggestion and will see if I can edit this for a Hornet. Cheers Sir,
  25. Thanks Tom, but I don't have a Tomcat......
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