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  1. Just a thought, but would the X:COCKPIT ARGUMENT IN RANGE accomplish what you are wanting to do? Since X: COCKPIT PARAM IN RANGE (requires console), and not many folks have access to the console, it could be a while before ED gets around to looking at it.
  2. I tried a few test of the .ogg version and it works great, many thanks Ciribob I also made a small change to your DCS-Simple Text to Speech.lua to minimize the command window from popping up when the script runs. This keeps the cmd window from popping up in my face. --snip STTS.EXECUTABLE = "DCS-SR-ExternalAudio.exe" function STTS.TextToSpeech(message,freqs,modulations, volume,name, coalition ) message = message:gsub("\"","\\\"") local cmd = string.format("start /B /min \"%s\" \"%s\\%s\" \"%s\" %s %s %s %s \"%s\" %s", STTS.DIRECTORY, STTS.DIRECTORY, STTS.EXECUTABLE,
  3. Maybe something like this will work for you. starting a about 1:00
  4. I think you have to end the lines with \ REM Core or Main DCS ou DCS.beta path, always end the line with \
  5. Thanks Eagle 01. Yeah my liveries are normally in Saved Games\DCS.Openbeta\Liveries, I just put that one in ../CoreModes for lack of anything else to try. Not a big deal, I can change them from the rearm menu. Thanks for the Campaign and looking forward to the WW2 Channel Map campaign.
  6. I'm trying to add a livery to the WWII Normandy P-47D campaign. https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3311310/ I have edited the /init/oob_air_init.lua to add the Livery. livery = "Wicked Wabbit of 65th FS", The livery is in my save games folder. I run first mission.bat The campaign will start with the default livery. Start the second mission, still default livery. Open the P-47D_ongoing.miz in the ME. Player plane has the "Wicked Wabbit of 65th FS", livery, exit ME Start from campaign menu, now it's back to the default livery. So I put the livery in ../CoreM
  7. This plugin has been working great for the last couple of months. Now since the last OB update, after a couple of missions it will basically quit working. I have to reboot the computer and everything will be fine for a couple missions and then stops again. In the Export.log file: 07:54:18:863 : UDPListenerReceivefrom protect: nil , string: "refused" 07:54:18:863 : createUDPListner protect: nil , string: "address already in use" Anyone have any ideas what I could check/change ? Thanks Export.log
  8. Is there anyway the P-47 could be added?
  9. You can read about it here: https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=270357
  10. I have "Radio usage when contact = none" in the Advance waypoint actions, enable task is checked and yet the wingman is still calling out every single piece of Armor and AirDef within 10 miles. (This is in a P-47). Is there something else I need to set , or is this just not working?
  11. Olddog


    I got to ride on her a couple of years ago. So sad what happen her and those folks. Thanks for the skin.
  12. I have had some luck with deleting 1.CAS-a from WP 0 and then after the "target" is dead, you can push CAS or what ever you need to happen, back in.
  13. In the book "P-47 Pilots - The Fighter-Bomber Boy's " The Author, Tom Glenn, talked about how the dive bombing tactics of rolling in and releasing from 3000 Ft, worked great if the target was an Aircraft Carrier, not so well if the target was a bridge. What he did was called "Drive Bombing", they would fly just above the river, aim for the bridge supports and "drive" the bomb home, hoping the delayed fuse worked as advertised. :huh: Now that would be...interesting to try
  14. The hydraulically pump is only 800-1000 psi. That might have some bearing on the flap speed.
  15. The detail is outstanding. The date of the tunnel (1883 )was a nice touch.:thumbup:
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