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  1. LOL i forgot to install the supercarrier module in 2.7 *megafacepalm* this was the solution, thank you
  2. I´m quite experianced with the mission editor so i know what i´m doing so far, but in 2.7 i can´t get my F18 on the deck of any carrier to take off from it. I´ve tried everything, take off from ramp, from parking hot, from runway etc. i tried it on every map and with every carrier avaliable, i moved the carriers to different positions, away from the coast line to open water... the plane keeps spawning above the carrier position but already in flight at ca. 1000 feet altitude. i ve done some search but couldnt find this problem described anywhere, so is this a bug or do i miss something?
  3. I solved the GBU issue for me and i think i found a bug, but probalby its already known. I couldnt hit anything with the GBU12 with JTAC lasing a truck. The bomb just did a free fall not picking up the laser. The solution came when i used the laser guided maverick. I found out that the JTAC was not lasing the truck set in Mission Editor (watch the screenshot). I set the JTAC to lase the first truck in the column, on the top of the cross if you want, i always threw my gbu there and it found nothing. Indeed the Jtac was lasing the last truck, visible in the green circle. I dont know how it is with a single target but in this case the JTAC just picked the opposite end of the column for some reason. Any explanations? Do i miss something? You can clearly see that the laser is set to the first upper truck.
  4. Hi all, i cant equip my F18 with the TGP. I have the latest Version of DCS (, the TGP is not in the list on any station. What did i miss?
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