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  1. Yeah... Great work... VR user here and I'm stoked ladies and gents :).
  2. Anyone else have any interest in these being larger images??
  3. Sometimes they are 1080P :). When I make those full screen they end up getting speckled and noisy :). It's all good :)... If the user base would prefer that they use this resolution in the news threads then I'll find my backgrounds in the community screenshot thread :).
  4. Yes but they are very low resolution and they don't make for good desktop background images :).
  5. I'm not sure if it's possible, but... Some or most of the screen shots included in the "Official Updates" thread are really nice... Is there any way we could get 1080p pics at a minimum when we click them? I'm sure having them at their current resolution is great for the post :)... and for the bandwidth :)... but once you click them it would be super nice if we could choose a 1080P or 4K pic to download and use for a desktop background :). Pretty please :).
  6. Early access is the right term. The problem is the expectation of the user. The very word early indicates something else will happen "later". If you aren't considering what that might be... you've got nothing to complain about when you realize it is the fact it will be done... later...
  7. I'd go with a KA50 though...
  8. I seem to recall it was stated that the FCR "might" come later. "agreed, but that radar system it's modes, and the missiles, are all "new" to DCS, are quite complex, and so it's probable that it'll take many working hours" Exactly... which is why 1 MILLION people need to buy it... So that development gets funded to finish it
  9. "I usually disable the pitch autopilot before trimming." I don't think it makes sense to do that.
  10. I've rebuilt the stick a couple times but not the throttle :(... Biggest problem I've had with the rotaries is that the lower one seems to have lost it's detent... Like when I press it it just activates with no movement at all.
  11. I just adjusted my curves (took a bit) to get it to be at full mil when the throttle is inthe detent, then to AB when moved past the detent...
  12. The mode buttons as in the slider or the force setting buttons?? that sounds like it would be pretty nice to have the mode slider usable because I do all my settings in DCS and not the stick... until I consider the Apache :)... We'll likely need all four modes fully programmed for that I think :).
  13. It works great for me :). I don't understand why it needs to be changed? What is the actual problem you experience? Are you pressing the trim and releasing it like a "click"? Are you holding the trim while moving the controls, then releasing the trim?
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