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  1. Not only that but the visor is not connected to the helmet. It floats in cockpit.
  2. Thank you for the feedback! I will investigate that. Meanwhile here are the pilots done.
  3. WOW! Really looking forward to using this beauty again!
  4. WIP screenshot of anoter egyptian bird. Still a lot to do on it though.
  5. Great coincidence! :pilotfly: Thank you! It was corrected before I released it. Those screenshots were taken before. I just didn't notice when uploading them :doh:
  6. 13.06.2020 - Updated to the new model (2.5.6)
  7. May I ask you what font you used for the registrations on your skins? I am struggeling to find a convincing one...:helpsmilie: Thank you very much in advance :smilewink:
  8. Yup! they are too small. That's part of the tweaks I talked about. I just have to reinstall photoshop in my new PC :pilotfly: Thanks for the feedback though :thumbup:
  9. There you go! 2016 is completely random though hahaha
  10. Thank you! :) It is quite an upgrade frome my original skin from 2015 :D The airbase is one of the new small bases southeast of the Normandy Map. I think they look gorgeous and relativily similar to WWII swiss sattelites airbases like Avenche or even Payerne before the concrete runway.
  11. It was about time these old skins got some love again! :pilotfly: I will be uploading them soon after some final tweaks.
  12. Finally a civilized and healthy thread... Thank you Larkis and thank you ED!
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