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  1. OK, I've narrowed it down to a conflict with a template that I have set up to spawn random opponents. That script is the following: AItemplate = { "AI_#001", "AI_#002", "AI_#003", "AI_#004", "AI_#005", "AI_#006", "AI_#007", "AI_#008", "AI_#009", "AI_#010","AI_#011", "AI_#012", "AI_#013" } AI = SPAWN:New( "AI_#001" ) :InitRandomizeTemplate( AItemplate ) Which initializes the template, then is triggered via a flag from F10 menu with this command: AIBFM = AI:Spawn() Something in this script is causing a conflict...
  2. Hey guys, Banging my head against the wall for awhile on this one. I have 2 missions, mostly identical in setup except one is on PG, and one is on Syria. Both have a CVBG, both use the recovery tanker script. Because I'm lazy, I've even used all the same unit names and the script is a direct copy and paste from one mission to the next. On the Syria mission, all works as planned. On the PG mission, the recovery tanker takes off, moves to it's station aft of the ship, then where it should become available for tanking, it just descends into the pattern and reco
  3. After just a quick test, The ASW artefacting in the Spitfire gunsight is fixed.
  4. Same! also noticed the texture of the hand is more detailed though, not just a black hand but an actual flight glove, looks pretty cool but harder to use now.
  5. What speed are you flying? Try to target 65kts, you’ll get your best rate of climb around that speed. You can also use zoom climbs, so accelerate to Vne then pull back on the cyclic for a quick instantaneous climb, though of course timing will be important here. Are you in VR? If so, you can fly from the left seat while aiming the miniguns just by looking. Maybe this can be done with trackIR too, I’m not sure.
  6. Get and stay above him. Your guns can depress down, while his can’t depress up, and your Huey can outclimb him. So get close, and get above him!
  7. I don’t think it really matters, you can set it to “no task”, as long as you set in the waypoint options for it to “attack target” and select the player group. (I’m going off memory on how this works so hopefully that’s right!)
  8. You can get a Hind to engage your helicopter, I’ve done it before. I’ve also had an MI8 engage me while in a hornet so it may work too. And it is a plausible scenario, and a lot of fun to play out! You may have difficulty getting your AI door gunners to shoot at it though.
  9. Have you guys tried the 1usmus power plan? It doesn’t really increase frame rates per se, but it greatly improved smoothness for me, especially in Syria (3900X) I guess what it does is force threads to stay on the same CCX and CCD, reducing thread hop between them and the increased latency that comes with it. It’s also supposed to help with the boost problems of the 3000 series. These problems were supposed to be fixed by the windows scheduler and BIOS updates, but I personally found this power plan made it even better. Again, not so much higher frames as more consistent
  10. I’ve had the same, but it was a red box. I think I narrowed it down to Tacca’s NVG mod (the one that changes NVG view in VR to a realistic circle in the center vice full view). Are you using that mod?
  11. Naa, just worked my way through the 5 stages. That was anger. I bargained with Bignewy, got depressed as heck and quit playing, then just eventually accepted it
  12. In this thread: https://forums.eagle.ru/topic/234279-save-feature-for-sp-missions-is-essential/?tab=comments#comment-235028
  13. Wow, in retrospect reading my post on this, I was maaaad! I’m actually kind of embarrassed I've since gotten much more into multiplayer and just worked around the missing save game feature. I have, however, only purchased one campaign since then I believe (Raven One). It certainly has reduced my enjoyment (and therefore my money spent) on the scripted campaigns. Bignewy or Nineline addressed the question in a different post, apparently it won’t be coming any time soon due to engine limitations (as Lurker already mentioned). At least they were upfront about the issues th
  14. Do you guys use Vaicom? I’ve seen this too (the original problem with read backs), but it only started when I installed Vaicom.
  15. I get the same thing when taking off at mil power as well - it’s been around for awhile now. Not a deal breaker but it’s there.
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