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  1. Do you guys use Vaicom? I’ve seen this too (the original problem with read backs), but it only started when I installed Vaicom.
  2. I get the same thing when taking off at mil power as well - it’s been around for awhile now. Not a deal breaker but it’s there.
  3. Bump, I have the same issue... Edit - solved. I copied the contents of the first server’s saved games into the new one, then edited serversettings.lua to change the port, and created autoexec.cfg to set the new control port. It still didn’t work, until I added —server —norender to the second servers DCS.exe I didn’t think it would need this as it doesn’t when using DCS_updater.exe but apparently it does.
  4. The Viper was announced in 2019 and beyond at the end of 2018, and was released in October of 2019, so about 10 months later. However, it was released in a very incomplete state and I believe ED has stated they don’t want to do that again, so it could be longer, or perhaps they are at a further stage of development already. TL;DR: maybe late 2021, maybe longer
  5. Huh, interesting. I would have thought flares would have been higher priority, I mean the Russians learned as early as the 80s that helicopters are vulnerable to MANPADs! And given the ineffectiveness of the disco ball against anything but the earliest threats... But hey, if it’s not realistic than so be it. Just blows my mind a bit... And on second thought, 2002 was a freaking long time ago. God I’m getting old haha
  6. @joelsi @NeedzWD40 thanks for the detailed breakdown, that’s awesome! The Apache definitely carries flares. Aside from being an obvious oversight (the IR jammer alone wouldn’t be sufficient), there’s this footage from Baghdad last year: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:CJTF-OIR_Crisis_Response_to_Protests_DOD_107565097-5e0cec395974d.webm
  7. In the ME, did you ensure to link the static object (LSO) to the carrier unit? There’s a drop down to do this in the options for the static object.
  8. I’ve copied my post from the newsletter thread, as I think the same perception exists here that there aren’t many helo drivers around here: I know many wanted the F4, Tornado, or a modern REDFOR (and I do hope you get what you want, though none of them personally interest me), but us rotorheads have been waiting for a western attack helicopter for 5+ years!
  9. There are a lot more helo drivers than you guys may think. Indeed the Huey and Blackshark were some of the very first DCS World modules released. Then helo development seemed to stagnate for a long time, until recently it picked up again with the Kiowa, Hind and now Apache. Some of us who came for the helos ended up staying for the jets when nothing new came out for us for a long time. Many will now be going back to being rotorheads! DCS World has about the most realistic helicopter flight modelling possible on the PC (as it also does for fixed wing), nothing else really comes c
  10. At the time they announced a new, face melting module (back almost a year ago IIRC), there had been no teasing of the Apache aside from stuff that was 5+ years old. After they announced a reveal was coming, in the months following was when they started the teasing (Wags’ Syria video, “if not when”, etc). It started with the announcement, then the breadcrumbs started dropping. In my mind they’ve done exactly what they said they would nearly a year ago, officially announced a new module in 2020.
  11. To put some positivity to this thread, I for one am stoked for the Apache. It’s exactly what I was hoping for! I know there are a lot of people who want a lot of things, but a Bluefor attack helo is sorely needed to face off against KA50 and MI24. I also know there’s no modern Redfor jets to face off against the Blue ones, so I do hope they find a way to get you guys your modern Redfor jet. While I feel your pain, I and many others are celebrating today!
  12. Depends. Typically our aircraft commander sits in the left, the first officer on the right. The FO does most of the flying, but the AC can and will take control if needed. It also makes sense for instruction, the student would normally sit in the right.
  13. IT’S AWESOME!! Two of us just did about 30 mins of ripping around. Observations: -Left seat has control priority, he can take control without asking permission but right seat must ask permission. I think this can be changed in the ME. You can also see the other guy’s control positions on the indicator, so you can line up your controls before transferring control. -Right seat pilot needs to stay put, and needs to be the first in the aircraft. Left seater can jump between left seat and both guns. -Request aircraft control is ‘C’ key by default, but doesn’t seem to be
  14. Glad it helped! Slightly OP, but I also use symlinks for some of the DCS terrains that I don't play on much. I create a symlink where they usually belong on my main SSD, but link them to my secondary SSD to save space on my primary (which is faster (NVMe) but smaller than my other one (SATA))
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