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  1. Server News: - All missions on all maps include the speed limit for the Viggen. Trigger fixed. - Added FAQ's to the main post of this thread.
  2. Just checked. The trigger uses TAS and nothing else. I'll make some adjustments using the TAS trigger so it's 1400 kph indicated.
  3. Obviously you have no idea how much scripting knowledge that requires. There is nothing like it out there and certainly not a thing for users of the DCS mission editor. Having ideas is not the problem, mate. Trust me, I'm full of them! Transforming them into actual practice however, is a mountain of a dizzy height to climb
  4. Multirole doesn't mean you can do with it whatever you want any time you want. For instance, the F-15E is a multirole aircraft. During the Gulf War it flew strike missions mainly. Why? Because it was assigned with such tasking. If you check out the briefing for the AJS37 in all my missions they're mainly assigned with taking out enemy ground units/buildings and sometimes ships. Can you do some air to air with it? SURE! Has it become ridiculous to the extent AJS37 pilots are doing MOSTLY air to air? YES. That's the whole point, hence the restrictions. It's a public server and I'm no
  5. No. However, when infantries are one day more reliable there will be infantry transport only and the Mi-24 will carry some. Even Gazelles will be able to carry 1-2 troopers (probabaly a MANPAD and a machine gunner). And the "one day" is probably during 2021. I'll check it out tomorrow. I'm typing from a pc at work right now and it has no DCS installed ;-) The speed limitation thing is one issue, carrying 6 x RB-24J's is another. Bias?! So it's not that I'd rather have AJS37 pilots stick to their air to ground objectives?! And when the maj
  6. I would strongly assume your trigger is set as a "Repetitive Action". "Switched Condition" is what you want.
  7. Knowing the average DCS player you're putting a lot of faith into the hands of players to consider such text popping up on their screen. IAS is what is used. If the trigger confuses that with something else then it's on how that trigger or option works, not me. I did say it wont be prefect but a limit is there nonetheless and that's what was necessary.
  8. - Mav's are alright, however, limited in numbers. You've got the A-10 with Mav's. - When the Su-17 arrives all Su-25T's will be out and actually they are out of most missions as of now. - The Ka-50 will be removed from most missions. I think I wouldn't mind it in big missions such as Battle Over Sukhumi Unleashed, Prince of Persia, etc. Missions like Two Towns, Phone Booth, Open Range, etc. will have no Ka-50's once the Hind arrives.
  9. If limiting certain weapons' types to certain pylons becomes an option for the mission designer then I'll put the RB-24J's back and they'll be limited to the two outer pylons only. I mean, the F-5, the F-86, the MiG-19 and the Su-25 get two missiles only. So there should be no problem for the Viggen to have only 2 missiles when they're for self defence purposes anyway. You don't see Su-25 pilots going out there with only 2 x R-60M's to dogfight enemy planes. And they could! Su-25's are really good dogfighters! But they don't. So I'd expect Viggen pilots to do more or less the same.
  10. No, not set failure. That's for SP, I'm aware of that. The trick is to have the unit "explode" using a minor volume for it with a bit of a delay so that the explosion takes place around the engine and not around the middle parts of the fuselage. I've tested it multiple times on the dedicated server and it worked! Quite often it kills your engine but one time it didn't, where the elevators were damaged. As to how to deal with the Viggen problem, I did say that bugs coming from modules are always a difficult thing to deal with. It can never be as perfect as not having tho
  11. Server News: * Operation Open Range: - All FARP's have been upgraded. No more mountainous and inconvenient single helipads. * AJS37's speed bug: All AJS37's in all Caucasus missions have now some IAS limits as follows: - If an AJS37 pilot flies at an IAS of 1325 kph, a warning message and an alarming sound will warn him to not fly faster than an IAS of 1400 kph. - If the pilot exceeds the max IAS of 1400 kph and stays there for ca. 10 seconds, there is a 90% chance of him damaging the engine. - In most cases the engine damage will make it imposs
  12. Excellent! Love the Su-25 footage! Good catch!
  13. I just found out how to make the AJS37's engine receive some damage without exploding the whole aircraft. However, it might make it impossible for the pilot to RTB nonetheless. Also, I'm trying to figure out the optimum airspeed as I'm not going to implement that for all altitudes but rather sea level only. Still need to run some tests.
  14. I know, but I refer to all players or at least most of them in general. I don't mind Viggens going air to air. However, if they neglect their air to ground role (as it is mostly the case) then it's just dogfights everywhere in all missions. I design the missions so that teamplay matters. And you see dedicated players doing GCI, JTAC, logistics, transport, etc. adding up to that. Seems like it's fruiting and that's why I started this whole thing in the first place so all good. MiG-21's and F-5's do air to ground more than you think. And it's not their objective! So how about Viggens
  15. This would have no impact on the server's performance and I do use this trigger for other things in some missions. I thought about it to be honest among other ways of punishing the player for exploiting the speed in such a way, but then imagine how many Viggens would be lost due to that. Besides, and you already said it yourself, that's some work there, mate.
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