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  1. Nice video, The_Tau! I wish your mic was just as nice
  2. The NS430 is disabled on purpose. If it's there it's only because I forgot to remove it from some missions which I will do.
  3. Server News: Operation Fight Island: - The briefing was rewritten in greater detail and new briefing images were added. - All aircraft (helicopters included) are limited in numbers. - To achieve that, 2 x F-5 slots were added to Tunb Kochak Island and 2 x F-5 slots to Khasab airbase (A-10's home base). - Bandar Lengeh airbase remains as the main airbase for F-5's with 4 x slots available. A total of 72 x F-5's are available at the three aforementioned airbases. - To counter that, 72 x MiG-21's operate from Bandar Abbas Intl. - Red helicopters op
  4. According to Ciribob the laser code is different every time a JTAC unit is deployed. It is assigned randomly. Which means it works most of the time but not when it goes below 1511.
  5. Server News: As mentioned in one of the latest Server News posts, all Syria missions (Kiryat Shmona, Behind Enemy Lines and Street Fight) were updated, especially the briefings were rewritten in greater detail and some briefing images were added. All currently online Caucasus missions (Catch Me If You Can, Five Points Unleashed, Open Range and Two Towns) were just updated. The briefings were also rewritten in greater detail and some missions have now additional briefing images. - The work continues with Persian Gulf missions that are currently online. Will take some days as the above.
  6. Tested some artillery units and whenever they're given a waypoint (while in game) through the cmdr slot they stay put and don't move at all. I'll test the rest of the artillery units and report back. The 2S19 Msta is the one I use the most and it has the issue for sure.
  7. According to Ciribob it's like that by default and can't be changed unless I rewrite some lines. I'll have to delay doing this for now (other things come first on my to-do list) and especially because I don't want to change such things quickly to end up having the whole script malfunction for whatever reason.
  8. "once again"?! You must mean for the first time, right? Ka-50's are always shut down by Avengers/Linebackers. AI controlled gets the tone always but not human controlled against any helicopter so leave it to the AI. I was mostly flying and attacking from altitudes between 2000 and 5000 meters. And I flared quite generously on every approach. That's why your Linebackers couldn't get me. Range, notching and flares. And that's how it should be done but it rarely is. UH-1's travel 29 km to get to Hatay with whatever crates they have on board, while Mi-8's cover a distance of 66 km to get
  9. S&D is the only problematic mission due to lack of airbases in that part of the map. All-aspect is not a possibility, I'm afraid. I might remove the AIM-9L's then. I'll take a look at the mission. Nice videos there, gents :thumbup:
  10. The MiG-21 and the F-5 will always be the main modules. They're the essence of the server around which every mission is designed. Will never change that. Other modules that fit in will be added, but on the cost of the main two modules.
  11. What do you mean by "into building FARPs"? The Combined Arms module has a bunch of keybindings that can easily be remembered. This is how at least I did it. Then I started driving around, learning how to aim, how to fire and in time your hands become quicker. You can find loads of tutorials on how to use the ground units (one is even done by an actual tank commander) that might help - youtube.
  12. Thanks for reporting. Fixed.
  13. Maybe you're right. Maybe it's just that one time. But if you guys try the same and it happens to you as well then we might have a new problem. Hopefully not.
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