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  1. Nice catch! Actually it's sunny with no clouds. Dust enabled.
  2. This mission is heavily dependant on teamwork, especially on the Blue side. And as in 4 rounds out of the 5 so far there was always a squadron taking the Blue side. This is vital as squadron members tend to cooperate and get the most out of their teamwork. However, if a bunch of random players (at least 8-10) want to form a team and fly Blue then by all means, and with that round 6 is most certainly up. There was that one round out of the 5 where random players flew Blue and they got massacred. That's the reason why this mission runs occasionally plus the modern jets involved.
  3. A bit busy at work, mate. I'll have more time during the upcoming days though. See you on TS
  4. Sad news regarding one of our Cold War community members:
  5. Oh, man. How heartbreaking... What a dedicated helicopter pilot he was. I'm lost for words here as I only knew him through DCS. You're in my prayers, brother. Rest in peace.
  6. Good luck seeing that in your TV camera, be it Shkval, FLIR or the like
  7. Maybe you're not quite familiar with the server and that's alright. One thing about this server that has always been and always will be is NOT having the same units (be it aerial, ground, naval, etc.) on both sides. That'd only cause a lot of confusion when it comes to IFF as pointed out by The_Tau. Structures are the only exception because they look the same for both coalitions but that shouldn't be a problem. You only need to know where you're attacking according to the briefing and the waypoints if the aircraft you're flying affords it. Another exception is the enclosed AAA unit. And that's
  8. 1. Operation Sukhumi - The Beginning is what you're talking about. Yeah, it's early 50's, hence the old tanks. No soviet WWll tanks available so German ones instead, although it really feels weird. T-55's would be too much for the Shermans and M60's can't be driven by players. Go solve the riddle ;) That being said and in response to your second point as well making things accurate is really tough and quite often impossible because we lack the exact variants, ground units and weapons for the most part. All the missions I have are based on my imagination alone. No historical background in
  9. No, it's not intended so thanks for reporting it. It works for the Mi-8's for sure -> Fixed.
  10. 1. It's T-55's vs M60's. Not exactly WWll tanks. Besides, BMP-2's vs Bradley's. And these two are very fast moving vehicles. Are you sure it's Two Towns you're talking about? 2. The idea was to use an older MiG-21 version. I believe the early versions (say mid-late 50's) didn't have a radar like the Bison? I might be wrong though so if you know better let me know, please. Discord would result in giving up on SRS once and for all. Can't do that. Players do whatever they want though and that's their thing. See you airborne!
  11. Ahhhhhh... So it's just some Facebook/Twitter/Instagram-like stuff after all. I don't need to be notified of that constantly! That's annoying. Thanks for explaining.
  12. Quite often I get the message where someone has reacted to my post in the Cold War 1947 - 1991 thread. What is that supposed to mean? "Reacted"?! It's not like that someone wrote a post or replied to anything. I just hope he's not panicking or something. On a side note, and instead of starting another thread. What's happening with them signatures? Still can't add an image. Thanks in advance and please react to this thread in a way I can comprehend.
  13. I used to like Belsimtek's work a lot. And they're not gone by the way. They're simply part of ED now and I'm sure they're the ones working on the Mi-24. As to the F-4, well, I don't know whether it was ED who told them to put it down, postpone it or some other issues. We'll see.
  14. Server News: * Operation Hold The Line is tough for restricting aircraft in numbers for Red. Jiroft airbase has 3 slots only! Makes it almost impossible to do so even with scripting. * Operation Search & Destroy is offline. * Operation Prince of Persia is back online with quite some changes: - The briefing was rewritten in greater detail. - New and better briefing images. - All aircraft (helicopters included) and weapons are limited! - Each coalition has now 2 x FARP's instead of one. - The second FARP has ONLY 2 x Mi-8's/UH-1's at miss
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