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  1. I'm very happy with my crosswind pedals, but I'd like to try a little experiment and use the toe brakes as the rudder (more like the VKB rudder). Is this possible? I tried setting both brakes as rudder under controls, but that just doesn't work properly. Each brake just covers the whole range of the rudder, so depressing the brake is full left rudder, releasing it, full right rudder.
  2. Hey Chickenbone72, Will check and see later tonight. Yes, I always use note++
  3. Hey tekadept, Ok, I'll try out those steps. I only thought that this approach wasn't necessary, seeing as I have, and had DCS installed in the default directory.
  4. I only bought the panel, didn´t build it, so I have no idea as to the code involved. What do you mean with default and IRQ?
  5. @MustangSally I´m trying to get my tekcreations panel to work with the Huey. I saw that link you provided but I reinstalled DCS openbeta to the default path, so I don´t think Fedaykinwolf´s advice will help me. Here´s where I just installed DCS: "C:\Program Files\Eagle Dynamics\DCS World OpenBeta\bin\DCS_updater.exe" I also reinstalled DCS-BIOS-Hub-Setup-v0.10.0 to C:\Program Files\DCS-BIOS\ I click open web interface, then in the browser, com3 is highlighted green and is connected. Virtual cockpit is not however and under lua cons
  6. I'm at a loss too. Bought a Tekcreations Huey panel. Tried installing everything according to the online BIOS guide but no connection. I just reinstalled DCS Openbeta in the default folder (I assume the above advice shouldn´t apply in this case?): "C:\Program Files\Eagle Dynamics\DCS World OpenBeta\bin\DCS_updater.exe" Then reinstalled DCS-BIOS-Hub-Setup-v0.10.0 to C:\Program Files\DCS-BIOS\ Is this the right install directory? I click open web interface, then in the browser, com3 is highlighted green and is connected. Virtual cockpit is n
  7. Spitty, do you intend to model, build the whole thing?
  8. I have a 2080 and a 9700 running at 4.9 Ghz. Which one would give me better FPS, smoothest experience, the G2 (at lower render resolution) or the Q2+link cable? Thanks.
  9. Hi Lombra, I had more or less the same issue as you have. The sound module is working now, though im still not sure how I got it working, got rid of that same issue. First thing I did was use the onboard realtek soundcard for the soundmodule, before that i used a cheap external usb. so now the game sound goes through the usb one. Next thing I did was make sure that all anti-virus/firewall programs had the sound module excluded, I had windows firewall running and kaspersky. That seemed to have done the trick for me. Hope it helps.
  10. Ok, thats good to know. I´m going to preorder one! Thanks.
  11. My CPU (9700) runs at 4.8 GHz, GPU is a regular 2080. 32G ram. Can I expect perfectly playable fps with the G2?
  12. Hi K-51, Please add me to the list. Thank you
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