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  1. Yeah new forum is pretty awful imo. I didn't have any trouble with the old forum on a mobile device!
  2. Great mod tobi! It would certainly be nice to have an RWR as standard but I appreciate your work on this!
  3. Nice find, love a classic and the footage is great. It has closed captions in english if you're interested in the story line!
  4. Hmmmm, we need a U/MH-60 real bad - range, speed, RWR, CMWS. And if it's an MH version then we get AGM114, Rocets, more guns, HAAR etc.
  5. Yeah I love this thing. Multicrew would be amazing or even an implementation like 'jester' for the Tomcat. The load master is quite basic and it would be great to have your crew guys calling out height to ground like they do RL on any off airport landing. Also going into combat it would be great for them to call out threats. I don't think they have it RL but a RWR and CMWS would make it a lot more survivable in high threat environments. I think that's where the only aircraft I'd prefer to the Hip would be a MH-60 variant that has all the bells and whistles plus perhaps some AGM-114 for when you feel like blowin stuff up!
  6. Huh, i've got screenshots and old videos from just a bit earlier in the year (March/April) where I definitely didn't have this issue and I don't believe I changed my graphic settings since then.
  7. Good point, tried it with the default cockpit and experiencing the same issue.
  8. This is excellent! Would love this to be included as default!
  9. First photo mid morning then the rest were afternoon and then dusk. This occurs in almost all daylight settings but is most prominent when the sun is low on the horizon.
  10. Other cockpit elements are reflecting the light oddly as well:
  11. There is definitely something bugged about the light reflection on the inside of the Mi-8 windshield glass. First two images show when the sun is behind the cockpit (backlit) the glass gets internal glare. When terrain obscures the direct sun light the glass glare doesn't change in comparison with the instrument panel lighting. These two pics were taken a few seconds apart.
  12. Interesting concept - I'd try multiple, smaller destruction zones with a bit of time between triggers to save your PC! :wacko:
  13. Another one with 10 randomized missions on the PG map: Same deal, the medevac helo's can be swapped for any other aircraft type, just keep the group/unit names the same! https://forums.eagle.ru/showpost.php?p=4472430&postcount=15
  14. [COOP2+] Mi-8MTV2 Medevac Shiraz Complete 10 Randomized Medevac missions with the Mi-8 in a counter-insurgency style battlefield! Ka-50 and SA342 slots for escort if you have friends! Features: - CO-OP 2x Mi8 2x Ka50 2x SA342 (One Mi8 slot required for mission). - SP with one Medevac Mi-8 but will be challenging. - Randomized threats and missions. *Thanks to Sithis for supplying the trigger structure!*
  15. Of course, you can simply open this mission in the ME and change the Mi8 to a Gaz, just keep the group name and pilot name the same "MEDEVAC1" etc and the triggers will still work. :D
  16. [COOP2] Mi-8MTV2 Medevac Aleppo [COOP2] Mi-8MTV2 Medevac Aleppo DOWNLOAD: https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3312028/ Explore Northern Syria by Mi-8 in this randomised CO-OP Mi-8 Medevac mission. Your Squadron operates Mi-8MTV2 Helicopters out of Kuweires Airfiend in Northern Syria. We are supporting Coalition Special Operations Forces (SOF) operating in the Aleppo region by providing troop transport and MEDEVAC ops. Hostile Insurgent forces operate all throughout the region. They are equipped with APC, technicals and an array of anti air capabilities. Threats to our aircraft will be fr om small arms, RPG, heavy MG/AAA and possibly MANPADS. Keep your approaches low and tight! Avoid or minimise overflight of built up urban areas where possible. - Can be played SP or COOP - Add additional helo's for escort in the ME if you want. - Change aircraft type through ME if you wish, just keep the 'pilot name' to MEDEVAC1 and MEDEVAC2 to keep the triggers working. Thanks to Sithis for the trigger structure!
  17. This might be similar to what you're after: https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3312028/ I'll be making more missions soon. Focusing on airmobile, CSAR and medevac ops for us Stalin bus/Huey pilots.
  18. Is it just me or is the Mi8 cockpit glare inside windows hindering vision in most daylight conditions? Anyone else experiencing this?
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