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  1. About to fly this and noticed a typo in the briefing, thought id mention it here rather than start a separate topic. Prince's brief sets Joker at 6000. Designer notes reminds to call Joker at 7000. :thumbup:
  2. This is solid advice and exactly what I did, but it still failed. JDAM dropped on the correct location but it didnt trigger. I then asked #2 to drop, but he just maintained orbit.
  3. Disregard. I was able to restore application window via the sys tray right click method.
  4. Since last nvidea update, my dcs updater launches, check that i have the right version but there is no more gui. I see it in my task tray and sys tray, but I just doesn't pop up. Anyone else?
  5. Hey Skatezille - good to see that you're still evolving this great app. Would it possible for you to integrate a feature to backup key/joystick bindings?
  6. Just want to offer a word of thanks and encouragement Chromium. I really appreciate the work you're doing here mate - this will be a huge game changer. Keep up the great work!
  7. Superb campaign! Just wanted to leave my heartfelt thanks BD. You have a natural talent for this kind of work mate and I look forward to more from you. This really helped me to learn this jet and my only wish at the end was for more missions! 10/10 Dziękuję! :D
  8. Hi SkateZilla Thanks for making this fantastic app. I'm having issues managing two installs - OpenAlpha and OpenBeta. OpenBeta works. OpenAlpha will not open and says I need to repair DCS.exe. I can manually open OpenAlpha from shortcut (ie, it does not need repair). I've noted that when trying to select the Build to Manage, the Current Folder version stays with the OpenBeta directory. Have tried selecting Alpha and then saving Path Settings, no joy. Access to Installs is verified. Am running Version 12.18.2016 of the GUI. The DCS Updater Utility is located in the working OpenBeta directory only. Hope you can help.
  9. Thanks for your updates on these mate. Awesome.
  10. Thank you for these updates Baltic. Love your work!
  11. Thank you for posting this info mate. :thumbup:
  12. Many thanks for this mod and repaint Devrim. 10/10 mate. Guys like you should have a patreon page where people like us can show our appreciation in more tangible ways :)
  13. Thanks for this guide Chuck. I spent hours studying it last night.
  14. Wow, awesome. Thanks very much mate! :thumbup:
  15. Can you guys get this to work with DCS 1.5? If so, would really appreciate some instructions, as it's got me stumped.
  16. Has anyone worked out how to get SweetFX working with DCS 1.5?
  17. Wolle, Thanks very much for fixing the missions, its very much appreciated. The changes you've made so far are a big improvement and I've managed to complete the Liquidator mission now. Many thanks... have repped you for being so proactive with your campaign :) Is it difficult to design campaigns like these? Id like to give it a try myself but feel bewildered even making simple missions in that editor, lol.
  18. liq.trk Track file attached
  19. Gents, can you offer some assistance with the Liquidator mission please? I collect the cargo and drop it on the nuclear plant, but it never seems to have any effect, and inevitably, the mission fails. Ive dropped 4 cargo loads on the smoking buildings but it still fails! Am i missing something here? I had a quick look at the mission in the editor and it appears im dropping the cargo in the correct "drop zone". Not sure where to go from here. Can you offer advice please?
  20. Baltic Dragon - thanks so much for this campaign mate. Have thoroughly enjoyed it and loved how it forced me to learn a few different things along the way. Have upvoted your dcs file and also given you rep. Hope you make another campaign soon (and can i beg for a UH-1H campaign at some time in the future too? lol). Dziękuję!!
  21. I was wondering about the folder structure and your response answered it perfectly. Thx man.
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