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  1. I got it you changed it up , but if it’s gonna be rear aspect missles only , at least enable the K13s for the Mig 19 . And here’s to hoping we go back to at least one map in the rotation having some or all of the missles back .
  2. I'm curious to know why there are now missile restrictions on the jets , we had them exclusively in the past and now all of sudden they're gone . Guess some of us old hands got spoiled to them . I see people log into the server , ask the same question and then they leave . Bolt
  3. Has there been any chatter about developing one for the DCS WW2 maps ? The Typhie was an integral part of air operations especially in the Normandy campaign , would like to see it added .
  4. Hopefully the scoreboard is fixed , several including myself are getting kills and the scoreboard not updating .
  5. Historical or not , doesn't matter ,there are a lot of fictional module skins out there for download , An Arab '19 camo skin would be nice for the Persian Gulf / Nevada maps .
  6. Is anyone out there interested in doing a Middle Eastern camo skin for the 19 ? I've looked at the skin files and saw there's nothing out there other than the typical bare metal / green camo patterns . Here's an example of a Syrian one . Thanks , Bolt
  7. I am seeing some particular weird stuff with the Viggie , bought it yesterday , downloaded it , started flying it and about 5 min in , the game locks up and I have to restart PC , 2nd time , Im flying it for about 10 min , I start playing with switches , as soon as that happens , screen locks up or kicks me out to desktop , this is the only bird that is doing this , I've uninstalled , reinstalled and it flies fine , until I start flipping switches , then its the same thing all over again , any help on this is appreciated , I like to get this resolved . Thanks , Bolt
  8. I prefer to just use TS3 , it’s already installed and I just don’t want to mess with setting up another 3rd party voice program , besides rumor has it DCS is going to implement its own player commo system soon . On another topic , Alpenwolf would you consider alternating the R60M and AIM9PS loadouts in at least some of the maps ? That would be awesome sir , not every map , just some .
  9. Can anyone tell me why to this day the devs have not fixed the P-51 Engine sound ? they go they claim to all this detail on this plane and the Spitfire and both still sound like lawnmowers , how hard would it be ? there are plenty of these birds still around to copy the correct sounds , and NO I don't want to have to resort to a sound mod for this , we shouldn't have too . V/R Bolt
  10. Panzer..I had same issue..I installed patch before deactivating the Mig21 and couldn't fly it ..so heres the easy fix ,.go into regedit > hhkey software>leathenecksimulations. right click folder and delete it. ( make sure you have your license key for Mig21 ) once you deleted folder..click out and log into DCS , the screen will splash with a request for Mig 21activation key...enter key and you're good to go..I did it just like that and I have my Mig back . Cheers..
  11. So whens the fix ? because right now I can't fly the damn thing because of some patch has royally screwed it up .
  12. Thanks for your quick response , yes I am using the in game download manager as I always have , I'll get that log for you in a minute .
  13. When I go to install the Spitfire , I'm getting an ( ' unknown module Spitfire ) error message ..any ideas on what is happening ? I bought this bought module an was hoping it would go without a hitch . Bolt
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